Can Hydrogen Peroxide Be Used as a Hair Developer?

How often have you been told that dyeing your hair will cause severe damage to your hair health? Too many times, right?

The question might hold some substance a few years back. However, in this scientific age, there sure are other ways to go about it. In fact, coloring your hair has proven to show many benefits.

Colored hair spread a very fresh vibe in the surroundings. If your hair lacks shine or is limp, coloring your hair will add texture to it.

You will agree with me when  I say that hair is a big part of our identity. How we choose to color them is a reflection of our taste.

If you are someone who colors their hair regularly, then you must be aware of the “developer” and the role it plays throughout the process. In case you don’t, there’s nothing to worry about! At the end of this article, you’ll know that, and much more!.

What Is a Developer?

A developer is simply any chemical substance that loosens up your hair to absorb the color you’re about to apply appropriately. It reacts with the cuticle of your hair as a bleaching agent, breaks it up a little, and creates a path for the color to seep in and leave a mark!

However, it’s not that simple to use. You can apply it directly. You’ll have to mix it with some basic and general ingredients such as bleach or hair color in order to activate it.

The developer plays a meaningful role in obtaining the desired outcome. It does it by opening the cuticle and making room for the color to infiltrate.

The need to choose the right developer cannot be stressed enough. That is because the developer is also responsible for determining the resulting color. Also, the developer lifts the color level up to more extraordinary lengths.

Is It the Same Thing as Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide and developer are two separate products. Hydrogen Peroxide has a thin consistency and is a clear liquid. It does get thicker when you apply it to your hair. However, it still flows smoothly.

The latter has a very thick consistency. Once applied to the hair, it does not move freely. This is very feasible in situations you only have to bleach some parts of your hair.

There’s a common misconception regarding hydrogen peroxide. People tend to confuse it with the developer. While it’s true that hydrogen peroxide is present in developers, however, the quantity is very minute. If used separately as an alternative to the developer, you’ll end up hurting your hair.

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Be Used as a Developer?

While you cant use it as a solo alternative to the developer, however, you may very well use it within the developer, although in a lower concentration.

Using a developer with minute hydrogen peroxide concentration does have its fair share of pros. Following are some of them.

#1 It Is The Best Beaching Agent!

It’s no secret that hydrogen peroxide is a very powerful bleaching agent. This is exactly the reason why it is considered a high-grade disinfectant. Once added to water, it reacts swiftly by disintegrating into hydrogen.

Its capability to act as a bleaching agent has a lot to do with its ability to inhibit bacterial growth. This allows it to whiten a substrate. It does so by changing its ability to alternate light.

#2 It Is The Best Oxidizing Agent!

With a chemical formula of H2O2, hydrogen peroxide acts as an oxidizing agent at the same time. The oxygen molecules in H2O2 reduce themselves to a -2 state. This is classified as a very stable state of oxygen.

As it gets reduced, it oxidizes the other compound, thus acting as a powerful oxidizing agent. Its capability to oxidize makes it a perfect addition to a developer.

#3 It Acts Faster Than All Other Options

Hydrogen Peroxide carries an extra oxygen molecule. This makes it more unstable than the water molecule.

Two H-O radicals emerge the moment bond between oxygen atoms disintegrates. The formation of these two radicals allows it to react much faster than any other substance. The high reactivity makes it a lot more feasible option to be included in the developer.

The higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the faster the reaction will be. However, in order to include it in a developer, you must not surpass the prescribed limits.

#4 It Is The Safest Option With Harmless Byproducts!

Hydrogen peroxide carries an extra oxygen atom. The presence of this extra atom results in the breakdown of the compound to oxygen and water. This makes it environment-friendly and is a perfect alternative to bleaches with higher chlorine consistency.

It works best if stored in a dark place entirely out of light. If exposed to light, it might lose its effectiveness.

Why Do You Need A Developer?

Hair developer plays a crucial role in the hair coloring process. In fact, it acts as a color activator throughout the entire process.

Due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide, the importance of developer increases manifolds. This is due to the fact that it works perfectly in sync with dye. Also, its consistency in the developer is responsible for deeper volume.

However, it’s essential that you purchase it accordingly, but with the right consistency. There are several factors that come into play when choosing the right hair developer.

  • Texture
  • Condition of hair
  • Desired Hair Color Result

It is well established that in the absence of hair developers, the hair color won’t do its job. This is precisely the reason why hair developers are also termed color activators.

The presence of a hair developer makes it possible to achieve the desired color. It works by allowing the color to penetrate inside the hair cuticle.

Hydrogen peroxide, being one of its vital ingredients, picks the cuticle layer and allows the color to seep in. However, the opening of cuticles is subject to hair volume.

A hair developer also allows you to achieve your desired color. However, you’ll have to play smart. If you fancy a very minimal dye, a low deeper volume will be just fine. However, in case you plan on bleaching your hair, a higher volume will do the job

What Is The Purpose Of Hydrogen Peroxide In Hair Color?

Hydrogen peroxide, being an oxidizing agent, is a very important element of hair color. It causes melanin to oxidize, a compound that is responsible for giving hair its desired color by absorbing light.

The oxidation caused by hydrogen peroxide plays a major role in the removal of the colored compounds.

Simultaneously, it uplifts the pale yellow of keratin and makes it visible. Hydrogen peroxide inside the hair color also oxidizes other existing chemicals present in the dye.

This causes the color to stick through for a longer period of time.

However, it is important to note that hydrogen peroxide is not the only compound that causes bleaching. Alkaline compounds like ammonia also play a major role in softening the hair cuticles.

Can I Use Water Instead Of A Developer?

Water is not an alternate for hair developers in any capacity. You’ll have to use a hair developer. This goes without saying that contrary to hair development, water does not have any color activation properties.

The developer, on the other hand, is rich in color activation properties and is available in multiple strengths ranging from 10-40. The higher the strength is, the lighter your hair will be.

While you can’t use water as a standalone alternative, you’ll still be required to add water within the hair developer for strength reduction. Doing so will prevent the chemicals from burning your scalp.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Safe to Use As A Developer?

While you can use hydrogen peroxide as a developer, however using it without additives will not produce the desired results.

Even if you apply hydrogen peroxide of moderate strength, it will only cause slight lightning without providing noticeable results. You will have to pair it up with bleach in order to lighten your hair in the most effective way.

However, it would be a wise move if you do not use hydrogen peroxide without any alkaline compounds. The peroxide available in local stores is of higher strength and can cause hair damage in the long run if used without alkaline compounds.

Will Hydrogen Peroxide Cause Hair Loss?

Hydrogen peroxide may cause hair loss only if it is used incorrectly. Given its oxidative nature, it initiates a chemical reaction causing the new hair color to pick up the strength to last longer.

As with other things, this longevity comes at a cost. Aside from its permanent nature, hydrogen peroxide causes oxidative stress to your hair. In the long run, it weakens the roots of your hair, eventually causing hair loss.

However, the hair loss caused by hydrogen peroxide usage is subject to its concentration in the developer. A strong concentration is damaging to your hair health and most likely results in acceleration of hair loss.

What Happens If You Use Too Much Hydrogen Peroxide?

When they say too much of everything is damaging, they say it is right. Using too much hydrogen peroxide can result in damaging hair cuticles. The cuticle damage eventually leads to split ends, fritz, and hair breakage.

It also contributes to hair loss, thanks to its oxidative nature. While it does a very good job in extracting natural pigment, it really sucks the life out of your hair if used for a longer period of time. Using it in strong consistencies may cause your hair to look straw-like and feel lifeless.

How Long Should You Leave The Developer In Your Hair?

There is no straight answer to this question. The ideal time to leave hair developer on is subject to the consistency of hydrogen peroxide.

If your hair developer is has a hydrogen peroxide consistency of 20 percent, you must not leave it on your hair for more than 30 minutes.

However, there are other factors that come into play as well. For instance, if your hair shade is dark brown and you plan on switching to blonde hair, you will have to leave it a little bit longer.

What Is The Ideal Concentration Of Hydrogen Peroxide As A Developer?

The ideal concentration of hydrogen peroxide depends on the color strength you want for yourself. You must go for 10 volumes, i.e., 3% concentration, if you plan on preventing the natural color from the dyeing process.

Similarly, go for 20 volumes, i.e., 6% consistency if you are using semi-permanent hair colors. Go for 9% consistency if you plan to bleach your hair. 12% consistency is also available in the market. However, it should only be used if your hair is extremely dark.

Safety Precautions To Keep In Mind!

Following are some of the things to keep in mind while using hydrogen peroxide developer.

  • Before applying hydrogen peroxide, make sure that your scalp is layered with petroleum jelly. While it is true that hydrogen peroxide is a good disinfectant, however, if used in large quantities, it may cause irritation.
  • Cuticles, the external layer of your hair, are responsible for your hair strength. Application of a hair developer that has hydrogen peroxide in it may weaken your hair cuticles if left on for longer periods.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is oxidative in nature. It is in your best interests if you use it by pairing it up with some other alkaline. Alkaline compounds, when mixed with hydrogen peroxide, cause the melanin in the hair to break down.
  • If you plan on using hydrogen peroxide alone, mix it well in half water. For trial purposes, put it inside a spray bottle. By doing this, you will be able to assess in case it’s allergic to your skin. Once satisfied, make sure to cover your shoulders and neck before applying. Also, make sure that you do not leave it on for more than 15 minutes.

Can I Use Hydrogen Peroxide Instead Of Developer? – The Takeaway

While you may use hydrogen peroxide instead of developer, it’s best if you don’t. Frequent usage of hydrogen peroxide will only weaken your hair cuticles, eventually resulting in hair breakage and hair loss.

Instead, go for hair developers with controlled hydrogen peroxide concentration or dilute the hydrogen peroxide with a conditioner and water, and then use it!

Hair developers offer various volume choices, thus allowing you to choose accordingly. While you are at it, make sure to follow the precautions listed above. Any carelessness in this regard may have serious consequences for your hair health in the future.

So, order your set of pure hydrogen peroxide bottles today to ensure your hairs’ well-being!

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