7 Important Reasons to Buy Glass Dropper Bottle

7 Important Reasons to Buy Glass Dropper Bottle

Did you know that many chemicals and cosmetics can go bad if they are kept in plastic bottles? Besides, plastic and metal bottles are not very classy. That brings us to glass dropper bottles that are as aesthetic as they are functional!

People are focusing more on their skincare and becoming more knowledgeable about the things that are good for their skin and substances that are not. This has led to an increase in the usage of glass dropper bottles. The product is now seen on every actress’s vanity and every essential oil aisle.

So if you aren’t using them already, let’s see why you need to!

Benefits of Using Glass Dropper Bottles

When talking about the benefits of Glass dropper bottles, the list is long and never-ending. The fact that such bottles are a safe and germ-free storage method is enough to buy them. But other enticing benefits will for sure convince you to purchase this smart invention. Take a look at these benefits.

#1 Best to Store Photoactive Chemicals

Photoactive chemicals refer to those chemicals that tend to respond quickly to radiant energy, especially light.

Glass dropper bottles are the best in the game when it comes to storing photoactive chemicals. The dropper bottles tend to come in different colors and these colors, especially the amber one makes sure that the product within the dropper is safe and sound from UV light.

#2 Safe, Uncreative Nature Keeps the Stored Substance Pure

Glass dropper bottles are known to be one of the safest ways to store medicinal products.

This is because the container keeps the product, whatever it is, safe and away from any dangerous substances or other natural chemicals. Glass dropper bottles tend to show high resistance to chemicals and substances, hence such a sought-after option.

Many of the products that we use in our daily lives, whether it is CBD products or cosmetics, tend to get contaminated even if our hands come into contact with them. However, with the use of the dropper bottle, the contamination of the product is reduced.

#3 Easily Dispensable

Glass dropper bottles can be easily dispensed in the way that they’re designed for easy disposable and this in itself has many advantages.

Even though glass dropper bottles have a long shelf life unless they’re broken or become faulty, the bottles don’t have to be disposed of.

But eventually, when the time to dispose of them comes, the task is easier than expected and the product comes with built-in dispensable qualities.

Such quality means that the user of glass dropper bottles doesn’t have to sterilize or disinfect the bottles before dispensing them off as the bottles don’t require such care. This feature of the bottles makes them handy, feasible, and low-maintenance.

#4 Eco-Friendly

This advantage can’t be stressed enough. The glass dropper bottles are designed in such a way that they can’t hurt the environment.

The glass dropper bottles are in a way promoting green living and the importance of such a thing is pretty much known to everyone especially when we’re on the brink of a climate crisis.

This product emits little or no carbon footprint. But besides providing the obvious advantages for the environment, using a glass dropper bottle will also provide the user with advantages that include lower costs as such eco-friendly products tend to last much longer.

Glass dropper bottles are made out of recycled and sturdy materials meaning they’re built to withstand accidental drops and other incidents.

#5 Variety in Size and Colors

Nobody likes boring products and glass dropper bottles are anything but boring.

With their distinguishing sizes and enticing colors, the purchase is a no-brainer. But besides looking attractive to the eye, colored glass dropper bottles are beneficial for other reasons that include being able to prevent chemical changes from taking place within the bottle.

The market is filled with dropper bottles of various sizes satisfying the different needs of every user out there.

#6 Multipurpose Dropper Inserts

When it comes to dropper inserts, a glass dropper bottle will come with two options – a horizontal dropper insert and a vertical one. Now each one of them has its grasping advantages.

A horizontal dropper will come in handy and make things easier when the product that it stores is thin like essential oils. A vertical dropper on the other hand doesn’t require a different bottle than that of a horizontal one but the bottle has to be tipped vertically so that the product can come out.

Such an arrangement works best for thick products. Horizontal droppers tend to be more intuitive when it comes to dispensing. While vertical ones allow for great precision in the droplets.

#7 Airtight, Ensuring Long-Term Secure Storage

Nobody wants their favorite essential oil leaking from its place of storage. With glass dropper bottles you can avoid this problem altogether.

Glass dropper bottles are designed in such a way that no amount of product can leave the area except the insert.

This means that they’re feasible and can be easily kept in your makeup/handbag or among other toiletries. With other bottles, there’s always going to be a risk of leakage, the product ruining the bag or respective area.

However, you don’t have to worry about such things when using a glass dropper bottle. They’re meant to withstand different situations and are built strong.

Safety Precautions to Follow While Using Glass Dropper Bottles

Even though glass dropper bottles are the safest thing out there, packed securely and taking into account the ease of their user, there are still some precautionary steps that are required and these include:

  • Sterilizing the bottle: This is one of the most important measures. Frequently cleaning your glass dropper bottles can make all the difference. Make sure the bottle is free of any product, and boil it in Isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes frequently.
  • Rubber Droppers: When using a glass dropper bottle, it’s also necessary to make sure you use the rubber dropper carefully. Don’t place the rubber dropper on a flat surface especially when it’s filled with product. It’s advised to place the rubber dropper within the bottle when not being used.
  • Shut the bottle tightly: Even though glass dropper bottles are secured in every way and form, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, make sure that the rubber cap along with the glass dropper is tightly combined and airtight.
  • Beware of an aging rubber cap: With the hustle and bustle sometimes we forget to give attention to the little things. And the same can be said about rubber caps. They don’t wear out quickly but once they do you must replace them immediately.
  • Don’t ignore the instructions: A capable manufacturer would make sure that the glass dropper bottle reaches you securely with instructions right on the packaging. We often tend to ignore these instructions but they’re the most important aspect and shouldn’t be ignored.

The Takeaway

If you want your face to come into contact with products that are germ and chemical-free, or you want to add a precise amount of chemicals to surfaces and mixtures, glass dropper bottles are your best friend. They are safe, eco-friendly, and easy to use.

So, order your glass dropper bottles today!

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