Get Rid of Urine Smell from Clothes

How to Get Rid of Urine Smell Out of Clothes?

Stuck with that hideous urine smell on clothes? As disgusted as you might feel and want to throw away your clothes as soon as possible, you really shouldn’t do that because this smell is removable.

The urine smell in your clothes can be intensely dissatisfying and that gives you all the more reason to get rid of it as soon as possible. You’ll be glad to know that we can remove the urine smell out of clothes by using some very effective cleaning agents, but the best agent to perform this task is definitely hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial and deodorant properties that make it the best option for you to deodorize your clothes and make them useable again.

Due to the strong properties that this agent possesses, it can effectively remove that resistant smell. Let’s discuss how you can use hydrogen peroxide to remove the urine smell out of clothes!

How to Get Rid of Urine Smell Out of Clothes

The urine smell is unpleasant and calls for swift action for its removal. If allowed to persist, this smell can settle in the clothes and become even harder to remove. Thankfully, there are some great cleaning compounds you can use to remove this smell.

But before moving on to these methods, you should clean the stain with wet tissue paper especially if the stain is fresh. This reduces the workload for you as well as for these amazing cleaning agents we’re about to discuss!

#1 Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes

The urine contains uric acid and that is the main factor responsible for the smell. The uric acid contains salts that form crystals that may be the factor responsible for causing long-standing urine smell.

This urine smell does not go away on its own and requires the application of a cleaning agent such as hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide removes this smell by breaking down the bacteria causing this smell and it also destabilizes the uric acid salts.

The OH radicals that hydrogen peroxide forms are responsible for its mechanism of action. Let’s get into finding out how you can use hydrogen peroxide to remove the urine smell.

What You Need

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. In the spray bottle, combine a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda.
  2.  Add some dish soap to the mix, to give it a foamy texture
  3.  Mix this potion well and spray it on the entire surface of the cloth but especially on the urine-stained area
  4.  Now throw the clothes in the washing machine and run them through your normal washing cycle
  5.  If there is some smell still lingering, add a cup of vinegar and wash the clothes again

Points To Keep In Mind While Cleaning

  1.  You need to be very mindful of the fact that hydrogen peroxide can remove the color from some clothes that have low quality or are not colorfast, so before applying hydrogen peroxide to the entire surface, apply it only to a small area and see its effect
  2. For the smell to truly go away, you need to generously keep spraying for around 15-20 minutes. This way, the smell would go away without the need to repeat the process
  3. Since hydrogen peroxide is an unstable chemical, it can be irritating to the eye and skin, so it is better to use it in an isolated place while wearing gloves

#2 Using Baking Soda and Vinegar to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes

Baking soda and vinegar make the best duo for cleaning any surface. Surprisingly, they work well together when it comes to deodorizing too.

Vinegar has acidic properties that neutralize the alkaline smells and baking soda brings both acidic and alkaline molecules of the smell together and neutralizes them to bring the system into a more odor-free system.

Together, these molecules bring something unique when it comes to cleaning and the results speak for themselves when they are used to clean or deodorize any surface.

What You Need

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Brush

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. In the start, mix one cup of vinegar with a gallon of water in a bucket.
  2. Now allow the urine-stained clothes to sit and soak in the mixture for several hours, preferably overnight
  3. Take the clothes out and sprinkle some baking soda on the urine-stained area
  4. Rub the area with the brush so that the baking soda is effective on that area
  5. Now, run the clothes under cold water to remove any vinegar or baking soda
  6. Throw the clothes in your washing machine and after one complete cycle, check to see if the smell remains

Points To Keep In Mind While Cleaning

  1.  If the smell remains even after doing all of this, then you should repeat this process
  2.  Vinegar and water would make a very neutral solution at the start but that would be enough to remove the smell from your clothes
  3.  Usage of baking soda is one additional step that complements the vinegar as well as would ensure complete removal of the smell
  4.  Vinegar is an acidic substance and any exposure to sensitive areas such as eyes and skin should be avoided

#3 Using Bleach to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes

Bleach is an agent that is predominantly alkaline and it can neutralize the uric acid present in the urine.

Since uric acid is the main odorizing agent of the urine, if it is neutralized, the smell can be removed completely. Bleach works exactly through that mechanism.

Bleach would not only restore your clothes to their original condition but also whiten them and give them a better outlook overall. It is generally recommended to only use bleach on white clothes and not other colored clothes because it can fade the actual color of the clothes.

What You Need

  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Bucket

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Fill a bucket with water
  2. Add 1/4th cup of chlorine or non-chlorine bleach
  3. Now soak your clothes in this bucket
  4. Allow them to sit in for a sufficient amount of time, preferably 4-6 hours
  5. Now take your clothes out and run them under cold water
  6. Put your clothes in the washing machine and you should find the smell to be gone after one cycle

Points To Keep In Mind While Cleaning

  1. Bleach is a dangerous chemical agent and you should always observe the usage of gloves when using this agent
  2. Bleach should be used only for white clothes and not colored clothes because it can fade the actual color of those clothes and ruin them
  3. A more cloth-friendly bleach is oxygen bleach and should be preferred over chlorine bleach because it doesn’t damage or harm your clothes in any way

#4 Using An Enzymatic Cleaner to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes

Do you know what enzymes are? They’re these great proteins that have the ability to accelerate the breakdown of chemicals and they are extremely helpful in our body too.

Enzyme-based cleaners contain these enzymes that can eat away the protein-based stains such as urine by breaking them down and rendering them incapable of producing any smell.

These enzymatic cleaners are becoming widely available and their usage for household cleaning is becoming more frequent day by day.

What You Need

  • Enzyme Detergent
  • Water
  • Tissue Paper

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. This process is pretty much simple and almost similar to your general cleaning routine. You should start by applying the enzyme cleaner to the urine-stained surface
  2. Now let the enzyme cleaner sit for around 30 minutes to an hour
  3. Use a tissue paper to blot the urine stain
  4.  Now leave the urine-stained area to dry
  5. Run the clothes in your washing machine to get rid of the smell

Points To Keep In Mind While Cleaning

  1.  For this method to be effective, you need to allow the enzyme cleaner sufficient time to settle in the stain and work on the urine stain
  2. If you also have an enzyme detergent, use that to wash the clothes after the application of the liquid cleaner on the clothes
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly after the usage of this chemical because these potent enzymes can damage your skin.

#5 Using Lemon Juice and Essential Oils to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes

Lemon juice contains citric acid that works to neutralize the alkaline components of the smell and destabilize the uric acid salts.

The lemon juice when used in conjunction with baking soda and essential oils, can remove the pungent smell of the urine from your clothes in no time.

Lemon juice also contains great disinfecting properties and would also destroy the odor-producing bacteria present in the urine stain.

We also use essential oils in this method to make your smelly clothes smell and feel good again. Let’s learn how you can use lemon juice and essential oils to get rid of the urine smell.

What You Need

  • Lemon Juice
  • Essential Oils
  • Baking Soda
  • Spray Bottle
  • Water

Step-by-Step Guide

  1.  The first step is to add lemon juice to the spray bottle in a sufficient amount (around 100ml)
  2. Now add in water to neutralize this acidic lemon juice and give the solution more volume
  3. Add in some baking soda and essential oils to complement the properties of lemon juice
  4.  Now spray on the urine-stained clothes for around 15 minutes
  5. Let the spray get absorbed and sit around for another 15 minutes
  6. Now run your clothes through one cycle of the washing machine

Points To Keep In Mind While Cleaning

  1.  To allow the urine smell to degrade perfectly, you need to let the sprayed substance get absorbed in the clothes to get that smell out
  2.  Instead of separately squeezing out lemons to get their juice, you should directly buy it from the market and use that
  3.  Spray a sufficient amount of the mixture on the urine-stained area for effective removal of these stains

Why Does Urine Smell?

The urine predominantly contains water but it also contains other substances such as ammonia and uric acid residues. These are the agents responsible for causing the smell.

The smell tends to be stronger if the urine was more concentrated and that makes it even harder to remove from clothes. More concentrated urine means that there is less water content and more salt and acidic content in the urine.

The concentration of these compounds is a major deciding factor in the strength of the unpleasant smell that urine causes.

Is Pet Urine Smell The Same As Human Urine Smell?

You might be thinking that both are highly organized organisms and they are peeing the same urine so the smell should also be the same. You’ll be surprised to know, that is definitely not the case.

Pet urine smell and human urine smell are not the same. Why? Because the water intake of both the organisms is completely different and that is the end factor that decides how smelly the urine is going to be.

Pet urine is more concentrated because they don’t drink as much water and therefore secrete very concentrated urine. In addition to that, other metabolites, bacteria, enzymes, and hormones are specific to each animal and completely different from humans.

The human urine can be concentrated or diluted depending on the water intake but it is definitely more dilute than the pet urine.

The human kidneys are the most evolved and various metabolic processes are taking place in the body that eventually determine the concentration of the urine and the overall smell it produces.

The best news for you is that you can use hydrogen peroxide to remove both types of urine smells. It doesn’t matter what is the causative agent of that gross stain, hydrogen peroxide’s oxidizing powers can get rid of them in no time.

The OH radicals that hydrogen peroxide produces destroy the odor-causing bacteria of the urine as well as destabilize the chemical structures of odor-causing compounds such as uric acid and creatinine.

Removing Urine Smell Is More Crucial Than You Think!

While displeasing odor might be the top concern in your head, you should also be worried about other problems that arise with wearing urine-stained clothes. These factors altogether make it even more crucial to get rid of this urine smell than ever.

Damage To Your Skin

Damage to the skin can result if the urine is exposed to your skin for long periods of time because it can lead to overhydration and impair the normal sweating mechanisms. The components of the urine can also damage the most superficial layer of your epidermis of the skin.

Some people might even experience skin rashes due to having prolonged exposure to urine as well as other problems that irritate the skin such as dermatitis. Due to prolonged exposure to urine, the skin can also break down as a result of the accumulation of urinary byproducts.


If the cause of your unwanted routine stain is your favorite pet, then you might be exposed to this dangerous bacteria called leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis specifically spreads through the urine of animals such as dogs or farm animals. This bacteria can gain entry into your body through oral or any other route (such as exposed skin) that provides it the perfect environment to multiply and dominate the body.

Leptospirosis usually presents with symptoms of fever, body aches, vomiting, chills, etc.  However, this pathogenic bacteria is not life-threatening and sometimes may not even cause any symptoms but exposure to such pathogens gets disturbing for you and cause hiccups in your day-to-day life.

Urine—A Source Of Infectious Diseases

Urine is one of the ways many diseases spread because it is a bodily fluid and it carries that infectious agent with it. If the urine stain you’re exposed to a pathogen that is capable of causing an infection in you that it can be really dangerous.

Two diseases typhoid and urinary schistosomiasis spread through urine and cause disease in the other host if they are exposed to them in a condition such as wearing or touching a urine-stained garment of the infected person.

To avoid this from happening, it is crucial that appropriate measures are taken and urine stains are disinfected too along with the removal of the smell.

Getting Rid of Just The Smell Is Not Enough!

From the above discussion, it is well-established that with the urine stains, there comes a high risk of bacterial spread as well as an unpleasant smell, both of which should be gotten rid of as quickly as possible.

If you think that you can use agents that are only deodorizing and don’t necessarily have to be disinfecting in nature, then you are gravely mistaken.

The bacteria that you’re exposed to due to urine stains can be damaging to health and should be removed along with the smell. Do you want to know what are the best agents to do both of these functions?

The Best Pick to Get Rid of Urine Smell Out of Clothes

The best pick to get rid of the urine smell out of clothes is a trifecta of peroxide, baking soda, and essential oils.

Due to the different mechanisms and properties that they bring to the table, these agents are perfect cleaning agents for deodorizing as well as disinfecting the urine stains from the clothes.

Hydrogen peroxide destroys the bacteria and odorant substance through its OH radicals while baking soda dissolves these organic stains and restores your clothes to original conditions. Essential oils add some uniqueness to the mixture and allow the clothes to smell good again.

Together these three agents can be your go-to cleaners in any emergency and you can clean or deodorize virtually any surface with their help!

Why Hydrogen Peroxide Should Be Your Go-To Urine Cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide has a multifaceted usage that brings so many uses into just one chemical agent that you would definitely want to try this agent out for these urine stains too.

Hydrogen peroxide breaks down the urine chemicals as well as the bacteria in it, leaving your clothes safe, healthy, and deodorized.

Incredible Oxidizing Properties to Get Rid of The Smell

As already mentioned, hydrogen peroxide has amazing oxidizing properties that get rid of the smell and remove the bacteria too.

Hydrogen peroxide forms OH radicals that break down the wall components of the smell-producing bacteria, rendering them incapable of performing any functions. It also destroys the odorant molecules and disrupts their bonds, that in turn deodorizes the surface to which it is applied.

Best Bleaching Properties to Neutralize the Stains

Hydrogen peroxide also has this unique capability of causing more damage to the stain color-causing compounds.

It disrupts the intermolecular bonding of these color-causing agents of the stains and that allows it to neutralize these difficult stains. This has an overall bleaching effect on the rest of the clothing and the clothes look shinier and cleaner than before.

Fantastic Antimicrobial Properties to Eradicate Pathogens

Hydrogen peroxide has great antimicrobial properties and eradicates pathogens effectively. These antimicrobial properties are what make it the agent of choice as a disinfectant.

This also makes it understandable why hydrogen peroxide has become a very frequently used disinfecting agent.

Hydrogen peroxide has the same mechanism for its antimicrobial properties i.e. OH radicals. These charged molecules destabilize anything that they come into contact with, be it bacteria, compounds, or any other agent.

Final Words

The urine stains can give your clothes some seriously unpleasant smell and even though the smell can go away sometimes on its own temporarily when the clothes get dry, reexposure to water can make these crystals activated again and cause the smell.

Therefore, these urine stains require a proper application of a cleaning agent in order to be removed.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the many agents that can be used to clean, deodorize and disinfect these urine stains.

Due to the numerous properties this chemical agent possesses, it has various uses on an industrial level as well as in household cleaning.

Still don’t believe it? Order your set now and see for yourself!

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