12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 1 Gallon

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  • 4X CONCENTRATE – Makes 4 Gallons of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – Our peroxide contains zero stabilizers or additives. This is 100% Food Grade and Kosher.
  • EXTREMELY POWERFUL – 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a very powerful chemical. Be safe and wear eye protection and gloves when handling. This peroxide is 4x more powerful than store bought peroxide. It will burn your skin, bleach your clothing and damage surfaces if you handle it at full strength. ALWAYS DILUTE WITH DISTILLED WATER BEFORE USING!
  • SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY DELIVERY – We ship our products the same day or next day to get your supplies to you FAST! (Excluding weekends and holidays)
  • LOTS OF APPLICATIONS – Peroxide is a versatile product and can be used to clean your kitchen, bathroom and floors. It’s great for washing vegetables and fruits. As always, dilute to a safe solution strength before using and take proper safety precautions.
  • Download Safety Data Sheet
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Hydrogen Peroxide is a versatile chemical compound that can be used for everything from the bleaching of select materials to food production. Hydrogen Peroxide is even used in the horticulture and fishkeeping business in various concentrations.

Hydrogen Peroxide is distributed in concentrations indicated by the percentage of the individual solution. This percentage is used to inform the customer of the level of dilution of the specific product that they are purchasing.

The concentration of the hydrogen peroxide also dictates what the product can or cannot be used for.

The available product is a one-gallon quantity of 12% Hydrogen Peroxide. The product is considered food grade hydrogen peroxide meaning that it includes no stabilizers or additives. Despite this, the product should not be ingested and if used to treat food products, it should be diluted and handled with appropriate levels of caution.

After dilution, the product can be used in a variety of ways which includes removing rust, eliminating odors and stains on mattresses and to treat plants. Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide may also be utilized, as a cleaning solution for cutting boards and it may even remove stains on marble surfaces.

The product may also be converted into four gallons of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide by diluting the existing solution with distilled water to maintain the integrity of the product, thus extending not only its capacity but also its usage value.

To ensure the continued effectiveness of the product, the customer is advised to carefully store the item to prevent exposure to direct and indirect sunlight. The customer is also advised to keep the product in a cool area to lessen the likelihood of the product becoming heated. These instructions are essential as exposure to sunlight and heat will cause the product to decompose, thus reducing its overall effectiveness.

However, despite the numerous uses for hydrogen peroxide, it should always be remembered that the product is a chemical solution that is capable of causing harm if not handled correctly. Efforts should always be made to identify the appropriate concentration to use for each action involving hydrogen peroxide.

It is also advised that the customer uses gloves and eye protection while handling the original undiluted product and to never ingest the solution under any circumstances.

This 12% Hydrogen Peroxide is one that every household should have as the uses are endless.

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