35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 32 oz

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The Concentration Bonus: How a 32oz Bottle of 35% Peroxide Outperforms 64 Bottles of 3% Solution

A 32 oz bottle of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide standing next to 64 smaller bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Discover the impressive potency and efficiency of our 35% peroxide solution, which offers incredible value and eco-friendliness. Just one gallon of this powerful concentration can replace a staggering 186 typical 8-ounce bottles of 3% peroxide, reducing both waste and storage space. This versatile solution is perfect for various applications, including cleaning, sanitizing, and even gardening. By choosing our concentrated hydrogen peroxide, you not only save money but also contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing plastic waste and minimizing the environmental impact of manufacturing and transportation. Experience the benefits of our 35% hydrogen peroxide solution and join us in making a positive change for the environment and your wallet.

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Corey T.Verified Buyer


Overall satisfied.

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Daniel B.Verified Buyer

Excellent Transaction

The container was easy to use to dispense measured amounts of the chemical.

Claudia M.Verified Buyer

Quality product.

I use your 35% peroxide in a diluted form in my ultrasonic diffuser about 12 hours a day. 3 oz. of the 35% to 6 cups of distilled water. I have had COPD for many years and this has helped since I added this to my regiment along with my Advair inhaler. It's amazing how many good things you can make/use diluted 35% peroxide for. The 3% brown bottle stuff in the grocery store in full of additives/stabilizers and I don't want to breath that into my lungs for sure. I just recently found your company and am so glad to buy a bigger size bottle than I was buying from other sources. Much more convenient for me now. I also use it as a sinus spray: 6 drops in 4 oz. of distilled water in a nasal spray bottle, works fantastic! Thank You

Cliff R.Verified Buyer

Not happy

Great product, terrible company. I ordered one bottle at 7:00am and immediately cancelled my order when I saw that I was paying for two bottles and was already charged on my C.C. At 10:46am they sent shipping information to fed ex , and at 10:47am sent me an email saying they could issue a partial refund. I responded with yes, but within two hours it was shipped and I never heard back about it. No answer when calling multiple times. I will now have to ship this back to them when all they had to do was communicate properly. Apparently cancellations and refunds can only occur after you receive the product no matter how early your request is made after ordering.

SUSAN D.Verified Buyer


It was exactly what I was looking for, priced well and delivered in a timely manner.

Charles M.Verified Buyer


Hard to come by locally. Glad you were able to deliver right to my door.

Dana S.Verified Buyer

Satisfied Customer

This is a good place to purchase hydrogen peroxide. Fast delivery to my door and good communication. I recommend this seller.

Brandi W.Verified Buyer

I love it so far! Exactly what I needed

Keirston W.Verified Buyer

Bulk Hydrogen Peroxide

Delivered on time and good condition.

Linda T.Verified Buyer

Easy to order just what I needed

I am always leery of ordering from unfamiliar sites but this was very easy, arrived quickly and a great product. Thanks for hiring responsible employees and promoting great service.

Cathy B.Verified Buyer


35% Food grade hydrogen peroxide has so many incredible uses. I am so thankful to find it in bulk!!!!

Issa A.Verified Buyer

Superb Delivery!

Very positive results!

Kraig E.Verified Buyer

Keeps my ice bath clean

Great product, does what it is supposed to do.

Gary S.Verified Buyer

Praise report

I like the product so far. Use it on a daily basis!

Denise S.Verified Buyer

peroxide purchase

Very efficient in promise of delivery, happy with the product.

Angelus P.Verified Buyer

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Good product and fast service. Thank you!

Joseph R.Verified Buyer

Great service

I received the package in great time. The product is wonderful. thanks

Rachael E.Verified Buyer

35% Peroxide

Good product and fast shipping.

William M.Verified Buyer

This stuff is great for sanitizing CPAP hoses and headgear

I use 8% hydrogenperoxide to sanitize my CPAP equipment. 35% is a great way to buy it, but it must be diluted, so you don't damage the silicone rubber parts. I have a food grade bucket with a marking at 1.1 gallon. I fill it with 3 quarts of warm (not hot) water, add a quart of peroxide, top it off to the mark, and I'm ready. I use a battery operated stick pump from Harbor Freight to pump it through the hoses and back into the bucket that also has all the fittings and masks plus about 3 drops of Dawn dish detergent as a wetting agent. A set of rechargeable batteries to keep it flowing for about 40 minutes. The flowing solution gets everything clean. Set it all up, wash the fabric CPAP stuff separate in an appropriate detergent. And off I go to shave, shower etc when I'm done its all clean. There's pretty much not a living thing (virus, bacteria or fungus) left on my gear when I'm done and there is no soapy films. Previously I'd been using food grade Wine making cleaners, but they always left a nasty film as does most detergents. My equipment always smells really clean. One of my CPAP fittings made a great adapter for the fluid transfer pump, so it connects to my CPAP hoses strung together. I clean 4 sets of CPAP equipment at a time, so I use 12 one Quart bottles of 35% H2O2 per year. After a cleaning session, the pump must be rinsed out, let it pump a bucket full of clean water, to maximize its life. the pumps last me about a year and a half, yes the peroxide will ultimately destroy the pump seal, buy them on sale. I do the whole thing in a bath tub. When I'm done I scrub out the tub with the left over spent solution.

Warren C.Verified Buyer

Commercial Grade

I bought this for my aquariums as a redox exchange additive and it has proven to be the most excellent additive! As well we have found many uses for the product in house cleaners much like chlorine dioxide but without the off gassing smell that you get!

Louis I.Verified Buyer

Get Health

Excellent product. 3 drops with 1 cup of distilled water.

Elizabeth B.Verified Buyer

Exactly what I was looking for !

Excellent shipping time and customer service

Ben A.Verified Buyer

I was amazed as to how well it keeps my above ground pool Crystal clear without using all the other harsh chemicals

Kathryn F.Verified Buyer

Great Food Grade Peroxide

Fast delivery and great product to mix with distilled water routine!

Mark T.Verified Buyer

Great for hydroponics

Great food grade product for preventing root rot.

Vicky J.Verified Buyer

Respect this product

This product is very potent. But if you follow the instructions it will serve you well. I had a wonderful experience with customer service.thank you very much I appreciate it.

marie c.Verified Buyer

Did not receive my complete order

Love the product, however you still owe me 1 32 oz bottle.

May L.Verified Buyer

Fast delivery!

It arrived on time and the product was greatb

Destyne W.Verified Buyer


Very good. I was concerned about buying online. I looked everywhere in stores. I finally did and I’m so glad I did. Thanks so much. Will definitely buy again.

Sara R.Verified Buyer

Great for fountains and ponds

Keeps things clean

How to Dilute 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to a 3% Solution in a 32oz Bottle Using Deionized Distilled Water

Items required:


  1. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide
  2. Deionized distilled water
  3. A clean, empty 32oz bottle for the final 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
  4. Measuring cup or graduated cylinder
  5. Funnel
  6. Safety goggles
  7. Rubber gloves
  8. Apron or old clothes
A woman in a lab coat and safety glasses, holding a glass cylinder and using a dropper to add hydrogen peroxide into it.

Step-by-Step Guide:


  1. Safety first: Before you begin, ensure you are wearing safety goggles, rubber gloves, and an apron or old clothes to protect yourself from any accidental spills or splashes.
  2. Prepare the workspace: Choose a well-ventilated area with a flat surface to work on. Make sure the area is free from flammable materials, heat sources, and direct sunlight.
  3. Calculate the required dilution: To dilute 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to a 3% solution in a 32oz bottle, you’ll need to determine the necessary amount of deionized distilled water to add. To do this, use the following equation:(Initial Concentration × Desired Volume) / Final Concentration = Volume of Concentrate Needed In this case: (3% × 32oz) / 35% ≈ 2.79oz (volume of 35% hydrogen peroxide needed)Subtract the volume of concentrate needed (2.79oz) from the desired volume (32oz) to find the required amount of deionized distilled water: 32oz – 2.79oz ≈ 29.21oz
  4. Measure the 35% hydrogen peroxide: Using a measuring cup or graduated cylinder, carefully measure 2.79oz of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Measure the deionized distilled water: Using a measuring cup or graduated cylinder, carefully measure 29.21oz of deionized distilled water.
  6. Mix the hydrogen peroxide and deionized distilled water: Using a funnel, slowly and carefully pour the 2.79oz of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide into the empty 32oz bottle. Next, using the same funnel, add the measured 29.21oz of deionized distilled water to the bottle, leaving a little space at the top for the solution to mix properly.
  7. Seal and shake the bottle: Once the hydrogen peroxide and deionized distilled water have been combined, securely cap the 32oz bottle. Gently shake the bottle to ensure thorough mixing of the solution.
  8. Label the bottle: Clearly label the bottle as “3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide” to avoid confusion in the future.
  9. Store the diluted hydrogen peroxide: Store the 32oz bottle of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Remember always to exercise caution when handling concentrated chemicals, and keep your diluted hydrogen peroxide out of reach of children and pets.

The Right Way to Store 35% Hydrogen Peroxide

An open stainless steel French door refrigerator stocked with various foods, drinks, and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Select an appropriate container: Use a dark, opaque container made from non-reactive materials like HDPE or glass to store 35% hydrogen peroxide, protecting it from light exposure.
  • Label clearly: Mark the container with the contents, concentration, and relevant warnings to ensure proper identification and prevent accidental misuse or ingestion.
  • Store in a cool, dry place: Keep the container away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent decomposition and potential explosion risks.
  • Keep away from flammable materials: As hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer, store it away from flammable materials to avoid intensifying combustion.
  • Maintain an upright position: Store the container upright to avoid leaks and spills.
  • Inspect the container regularly: Check for signs of leaks, cracks, or damage and transfer the hydrogen peroxide to a new container if necessary.

35% Hydrogen Peroxide: The Many Uses and Applications

When Properly Diluted (usually 1.5% – 3%)

  1. Cleansing fresh produce: Hydrogen peroxide is effective at removing soil, pesticide residues, and microbes from fruits and vegetables.
  2. Freshening up footwear: A spray of hydrogen peroxide inside shoes can neutralize the bacteria that lead to unpleasant odors.
  3. Purifying hair combs: Immersing combs in hydrogen peroxide helps to get rid of accumulated germs and microbes.
  4. Cleansing chopping boards: A coating of hydrogen peroxide on cutting boards helps to mitigate microbial activity, reducing the risk of transferring microbes between foods.
  5. Addressing pet smells: Hydrogen peroxide is effective at cleaning up pet mishaps and reducing related odors on multiple surfaces.
  6. Eliminating bathroom residue: It has the ability to dissolve built-up soap scum on bathroom tiles, shower curtains, and glass doors.

Frequently Asked Questions on 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

How should I treat a spill of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide on a fabric or carpet?

Immediately dilute the spill with plenty of water and blot the area. Check for colorfastness before using a diluted peroxide solution to treat any remaining stain.

What happens if 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is mixed with vinegar?

Mixing hydrogen peroxide and vinegar can create peracetic acid, a compound that can be corrosive and cause respiratory and skin irritation. It’s not recommended to mix the two.

Can Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide be used to remove rust stains?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to treat rust stains. However, it should be tested on a small area first to ensure it doesn’t discolor the material.

Can 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide be used to clean gardening tools?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to clean gardening tools effectively.

Can Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide be used to clean and disinfect reusable shopping bags?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to clean and disinfect reusable shopping bags.

What happens if I inhale 35% Hydrogen Peroxide fumes?

Inhalation can cause respiratory irritation, coughing, and shortness of breath. If inhalation occurs, move to fresh air immediately and seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Can 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide be used to treat algae in ponds?

Yes, when used according to specific guidelines and diluted appropriately, it can be used to control algae growth in ponds.

Is Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide effective for cleaning air conditioner filters?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to clean the outer surfaces of mail and packages.

Can I use 35% Peroxide to clean and disinfect children's play areas?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to clean and disinfect children’s play areas effectively.

Can 35 Percent Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide be used as a floor cleaner?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to clean floors effectively.

Is it safe to mix 35% Food Grade Peroxide with baking soda for cleaning purposes?

Yes, a mixture of baking soda and diluted hydrogen peroxide can be used as a cleaning paste for certain applications. However, it should be used immediately and not stored.

Is 35 Percent Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide safe for cleaning marble surfaces?

It should not be used on marble as it can cause etching and discoloration.

Can 35% Food Grade Peroxide be used to clean canning jars and lids?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to clean canning jars and lids.

Can I use 35% Peroxide to clean a birdcage?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to clean birdcages. However, ensure the bird is not in the cage during cleaning and that the cage is thoroughly rinsed afterward.

Can 35 Percent Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide be used to clean eyeglasses?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to clean eyeglasses. However, it should not be used on coated lenses without first checking with the manufacturer or optician.

Can 35% Food Grade Peroxide be used to clean mail and packages?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to clean the outer surfaces of mail and packages.

Can 35% Peroxide be used to clean a home air filter?

Yes, when properly diluted, it can be used to clean reusable home air filters.

35% Hydrogen Peroxide: Safety Measures and Tips

Be prepared for emergencies

Always have a first aid kit and emergency contact numbers at hand when handling 35% hydrogen peroxide. Quick response is crucial in case of accidents.

Don’t inhale or ingest

Avoid inhaling or ingesting 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide as it can cause harm to your respiratory and digestive systems.

Use only as directed

Use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide only as directed by a reliable source. Misuse can result in injury or damage.

Always dilute before use

Always dilute 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide before use. The concentration is too high for most applications and can cause harm if used undiluted.

Have a fire extinguisher nearby

Hydrogen peroxide can react with certain substances to cause fire. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby when handling or using it.
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