Can Hydrogen Peroxide Be Used to Clean Toilets?

Cleaning Toilet With Hydrogen Peroxide

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It’s no mystery that your bathroom is probably one of the most, if not the most, germ-infested places in your house! It’s the ideal spot for the growth of various bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

Cleaning it daily and keeping it sterilized should be a routine chore around the house. But how do you know if you’re doing it right and if it is working as well as you think it is?

Every inch of a bathroom needs to be properly cleaned since it’s used to dispose of waste materials. But what you need to pay particularly close attention to is the toilet cleaning.

It isn’t just the dirtiest aspect of the bathroom but also has several deep spots that aren’t always washed out in regular cleaning.

Even if you clean thoroughly everywhere, it isn’t guaranteed that the cleaning solution you’re using is potent enough to kill off all the germs. That’s why we have a simple and easy solution for you today, which will not only save you time and effort but also needs minimal products for the best results.

Why Hydrogen Peroxide?

Cleaning your toilet is nothing special or unheard of, meaning everyone knows why it’s necessary to keep yourself healthy. But what’s the best way to clean it if you need to do so frequently, you might think. Well, we’ve got that covered for you today.

Everyone has heard of 3% hydrogen peroxide used for cleaning scrapes and bruises. Although its antiseptic properties are well known, it also has other household uses people have been sleeping on.

Hydrogen peroxide can eradicate any traces of germs or bacteria growth within minutes. It can remove any nasty lingering stains and put a stop to that horrible toilet smell we all hate.

Once you get the hang of it and see how easy it can make a tiresome, boring job, you definitely won’t turn away.

Cleaning + Sterilization

One of the biggest pros of using 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean your home’s toilets is that it doesn’t just remove stains and foul odors. It simultaneously cleanses and sanitizes the entire plumbing fixture.

This eases your job as you don’t have to scrub the bowl, seat, and cover separately since we all know germs are going everywhere while flushing.

Sterilization is critical, especially considering today’s economic climate, where everything seems to be diluted to the point where it doesn’t work. Hydrogen peroxide is extremely beneficial in this regard as it kills bacteria and safeguards your health.

How to Clean Toilet With Hydrogen Peroxide?

Now that we’ve touched upon some basic cleaning tips, let’s start with the actual procedure of washing down your toilet, so you never have to face that smelly toilet odor again.


This home remedy uses some pretty basic ingredients, nothing you’ll have to run out and buy from the store most probably.

All you need is 3% hydrogen peroxide and a toilet brushes to scrub any hardened scum.

Baking soda is an additional ingredient if you’re not satisfied with just hydrogen peroxide cleaning.

Steps to Clean Your Toilet Using Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Douse your toilet brush in a little 3% hydrogen peroxide solution beforehand and let it dry.
  2. Pour half a cup (120ml) of hydrogen peroxide into your toilet bowl gently to avoid splash.
  3. Let it stand for approximately 20-30 minutes to react and sanitize the bowl properly.
  4.  Scrub the outer edges of the bowl, seat, and flush if you want, to get rid of any hardened stains
  5. Flush the toilet, and you’re all done. Tick this chore off your list and get on with your day.


3% hydrogen peroxide might be made for commercial use, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a robust chemical agent. Precautions and safety measures should always be taken before using it in the case it comes into contact with your skin.

Wear gloves and safety goggles each time while handling it to avoid skin contact.

In case it comes into direct contact with your skin and causes a burning or irritating sensation, rinse it under running water until the sensation subsides.

Never directly touch any part of the toilet fixture. Always use a brush or plunger. If using hands, wear sterilized gloves and dispose of them afterward to avoid contamination.

Why Hydrogen Peroxide Tops the Conventional Toilet Cleaners

Hydrogen peroxide boasts a lot of benefits other cleaning solutions don’t. Not only is it proven to cleanse your plumbing fixtures of all germs, but it’s also cheap and easily available.

It is hard on microbes and stains, making it ideal for the job!

So why waste hundreds on expensive, branded cleaning detergents when you can do what you have at home for not only this but several uses?

Parting Thoughts

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent alternative to other detergents and cleaning agents. Potent, effective, and cheap, it’ll get the job done most efficiently, requiring minimal labor and time.

So why wait? Get your own bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide and make life easier.

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