How Do You Make Slime Activator With Hydrogen Peroxide?

Make Slime Activator With Hydrogen Peroxide

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Stepping into the commercial age, every product that once used to be produced only for special purposes is now being mass-produced for the public’s use. From 3D printers to solar panels, this is how technology progresses.

This paved the way for DIY methods for various products so you can recreate and enjoy them in the convenience of your home. Search it on the net and you can find a home-based technique for almost anything.

One of those methods is for making a slime activator using all household items, which we’ll be talking about today.

Previously only used for industrial purposes, slime has now become an all-time favorite for children to play with. The cool, stretchy substance can keep them busy for hours by turning into different molds or shapes, the possibilities are infinite.

The best part is that it’s super easy to make, not harmful to the skin, and doesn’t get ruined no matter what you do to it. A great idea for parents brainstorming on how to keep their younglings entertained.

Slime Activator- The Precursor

Before you head over to your slime-making station, you’ll need a slime activator. Do you know that peculiar quality of slime that makes it stand out from other toys? The one which is grotesque to some but intriguing and loved by others? That’s the work of slime activators.

Slime activators are certain compounds that give you a sticky and viscous texture when combined with PVA glue to form slime. A key component in the formation process, it’s crucial that one uses the best types of activators to achieve exceptional results.

Some popular slime activators are borax powder, liquid starch, eye drops, and saline solution, two of which we’ll be using today.

How to Make Your Own Using Hydrogen Peroxide (Baking Powder and Saline Solution Method)

There are tons of ways to make slime plastered all over the internet but the ones we’re bringing you today are tried and tested. As mentioned above, we’ll show you how to use two different slime activators and it’s up to you which one you prefer.

The first way is using baking powder and saline solution.


For this method you’ll need:

  • 4 ounces glue
  • 1/4th teaspoon colorant
  • 20 pumps of any lotion
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon shaving cream
  • 2-3 tablespoons 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 20 drops saline solution (contact lens solution)
  • Mixing bowl and ladle/ spoon

Step by Step Walkthrough

  1. Take your mixing bowl and pour your 4 ounces of glue into it. Turn it inside the bowl a few times to get rid of any lumps.
  2. Using a measuring spoon, sprinkle your colorant on top. Fold it well into the glue to get a nice, even color throughout your mold. It also acts as oxide on top of adding color, so if even if you don’t want color, remember to add in a different oxide, so the chemical reactions take place.
  3. Pump your lotion into the mixture. This is used primarily for the smell, so make sure to mix it in well, so you get that luscious fragrance.
  4. Add your baking powder and shaving cream. Baking powder is one of your slime activators that gives the slime its gooey texture and gives it its elastic properties, so make sure not to miss this key step. Thoroughly fold it, so it settles well. The shaving cream helps it rise and have a fluffy quality.
  5. Mix in your 3% hydrogen peroxide and stir it into the mixture. This will give the slime a soupy, liquid state but be cautious as it shouldn’t get too runny.
  6. Finally, pour in your second slime activator, your saline solution. Drop it slowly while constantly stirring the mixture, so it mixes better.

Keep mixing the slime until it’s not too sticky and feels ready to play with.

And that’s it. Your slime is now ready, and you can have a go at it!

How to Make Your Own Using Hydrogen Peroxide (Borax Method)

We’ve talked about one pathway which uses the saline solution and baking powder as slime activators. Now it’s time to move on to our second method, which uses just one activator, and that is borax.

So let’s get started with what you should already have before starting.


  • 4 ounces glue
  • 2-3 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 20-30 pumps of any lotion
  • 2 tablespoons borax solution
  • 1/4th colorant
  • Mixing bowl and ladle/ spoon

This recipe requires fewer ingredients compared to the last one and is ideal for those who don’t have the saline solution (contact lens solution) available at hand.

Even then, the procedure is much the same, just substituting borax solution in place of saline solution.

Step by Step Walkthrough

  1. Grab your bowl and pour in all the glue. Use your spoon to twist it to get rid of any lumps present.
  2. Add in your 3% hydrogen peroxide and stir it well to make sure it reacts thoroughly.
  3. Pump in your lotion. It can be any lotion available to you and doesn’t have to be a specific type.
  4. Mix in your borax solution and mix it well. Keep mixing with your spoon until it loses its stickiness and can be rolled around in your hand without feeling adhesive.
  5. Finally, you can add any colorant of your choice to brighten it up a little and give it that final touch of vibrancy and attractiveness.

There you go. If you’ve followed all the steps properly, you should have a perfect gooey texture with a semi-solid consistency to mold into anything you want.

Hydrogen Peroxide Usage

Hydrogen peroxide plays a key role in the production of slime. Being the only pure-liquid component in the recipe, it reduces the mixture’s viscosity and brings it down to consistency which can be bent around and molded into different shapes.

Easy Recipes, Loads of Fun

Slime is an incredible toy for your children to play with and keeps them busy for hours on end while you get your work done. Being super easy to make with all accessible items, making the slime can be a great activity with amazing and useful results.

No matter how children pull it, twist it, or roll it around, slime always comes back to its original form, meaning you won’t need to be making new batches, especially for mischievous kids constantly.

Precautions While Using Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Although the hydrogen peroxide you’ll be using will be the 3% concentration variant made for commercial use, there should still be precautions taken, especially if children are around.
  • Always use gloves while handling hydrogen peroxide, even when using spoons or droppers to pour it in.
  • Never bring your eyes, mouth, or nose near the chemical. Even at low concentrations, it is a highly potent and toxic chemical agent.
  • Immediately rinse the affected part under running water if it touches your skin.
  • If ingested, seek medical help as soon as possible and do not attempt to fix the situation on your own or without professional medical supervision.

Things to Remember About Slime

Making slime and giving it to your kids to play with is a great idea, but no toy comes without safety warnings.

Since it uses several chemical components, slime is harmful if ingested and can cause severe problems if not treated quickly.

It does not change shape or form and can revert to the original product, given only physical changes are made. If anything is added, such as water or soap, the quality of slime might change and render it unplayable.

While you’re making the slime, adding more or less of any substance can lead to different results as expected. Always follow the recipe to get the best possible results.

In the event you do lose its consistency due to the addition of too much hydrogen peroxide, for example, you can easily reverse these changes by adding a counter agent to balance the effects. So don’t worry if you accidentally put in too much or too little.

Always remember that there are tons of recipes out there for you to try if these don’t suit you or you can’t find the required ingredients. Also, slime making is all for fun, so try out different techniques and unique additions to make it better and give it that edge over normal slime.

The Takeaway

Slime is an easy yet reliable toy for your kids. Go ahead and make your own as it is not only fun but also tests your creativity.

So use these above tips and tricks to make it easier and hassle-free, so you don’t get burnt out after doing it once. Remember the key steps like adding hydrogen peroxide and slime activators and mixing them well so it evens out throughout the mixture.

So, get your set of hydrogen peroxide bottles today!

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