How To Clean a Silicone Bong with Hydrogen Peroxide?

How To Clean a Silicone Bong with Hydrogen Peroxide?

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Have you seen squeaky clean silicone bongs even when they have been used for a long time? Do you wonder what agent you can use to keep them in good condition?

A bong is a kind of pipe used to consume smokable materials. Bongs come in different materials such as ceramic, glass, silicon, acrylic, and metal. They are further divided into the straight tube and beaker base designs.

They make for excellent gifts! When purchasing it, get a good quality silicon bong. This type is made of food-grade silicone that is durable, bendy, and non-toxic. It is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and poses no known health risks.

The price of your bong should never compromise the quality of your smoking experience, and it should be as smooth as possible!

Silicone Bong — What You Need To Know

Are silicone bongs better than other materials? Definitely, as they are much more durable, flexible, easier to clean, and more cost-efficient. Silicon bongs can last for over ten years when you do not lose or clog them up.

The silicon bong is made of medical-grade form and is available in many sizes, styles, designs, and colors.

The three main parts of the silicon bong are the glass bowl piece, the outer silicon shell, and the glass tube stem. Bongs made from silicon are the most popular as it is nearly impossible to break apart from the glass bowl, which is easily replaceable.

Why Should You Clean Your Silicone Bong?

If you are an avid user and want your silicone bong to last long and stay in good condition, it is essential that you keep it clean. Here is why you need to clean it regularly:

#1 It Will Get You Stoned More Quicker

This one is a no-brainer. It is sure to burn the clogged resin when you keep hitting that nasty, dirty, clogged bowl. Instead of smoking the fresh bag of Blueberry Kush, you will be hitting other ancient stuff accumulated over time.

Simply put, if the stem is yucky and clogged up on your bong, your hits will not be as thick. This means you will get less smoke with each rip of the bong. Cleaning it will make you aim and get high much quicker and smoother.

#2 You Will Get A Much Smoother Hit

Do you remember that time when you coughed and kept coughing for 10 minutes? That happens when you do not clean your bong and likely introduce the plant matter and caked-on resin to your system. The resin-coated bong becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses.

The whole idea of a silicone bong is to smooth out the smoke, cool it down, and let you take a bigger hit. This is a better quality experience if it is done without any unintentional consequences. You do not want any potential respiratory issues down the line or even in your current health state.

#3 It Will Taste Better

Those fresh bags of 12th Man Down you just bought are supposed to be super tasty, right? Without a clean silicone bong, you will simply be tasting some old, stale gross material clogged in the bowl from goodness knows when.

You inhale the smoke content directly from the water. This then heads straight to your lungs, and any bacteria will follow suit. Therefore, there is a higher risk of infection in your body. The taste is gross when the bacteria gradually turns the bong water into sewage.

#4 You Are Sure To Conserve Weed

This is another side effect of the clogging problem. You will notice extra smoke coming out of the bowl instead of pulling through the bong. Hence, it is wasteful as a clean bowl is a more useful bowl.

A slimy biofilm develops if there is a build-up on your pipe. This is similar to the pink discoloration found in showers and bathtubs. Apart from a health hazard, the weed is clogged and will not travel through the bong smoothly.

#5 You Will Fend Off Any Chances Of Bronchitis

Bacteria and fungi love filthy water, especially if it has been sitting for days or months. The resulting mold can quickly sprout inside the pipe’s water chamber.

This will likely wreak havoc on your lungs, causing all kinds of respiratory issues, including chronic bronchitis.

Cleaning Silicon Bong With Hydrogen Peroxide

There are multiple effective ways to clean and disinfect your silicone bong. Nonetheless, the fact remains that cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide is the best way to do so.

This solution is very inexpensive, readily available at any local pharmacy or supermarket, and a great natural alternative to fancy chemical cleansers.

Here is how you can clean a silicone bong with hydrogen peroxide:

What You Need


  1. Before you start, take out all removable pieces and place them somewhere gently.
  2. Grab your 3% Hydrogen Peroxide bottle and completely fill up your bong with it.
  3. Next, you will need to cover all openings to prevent any spillage.
  4. Shake it vigorously and ensure that the Hydrogen Peroxide comes into contact with all parts covered with resin and tar.
  5. If you notice that this does not fully clean your silicone bong of the waste materials, rinse it out anyway.
  6. Repeat the process by filling it up once again with hydrogen peroxide. However, this time you have to let the solution sit for 12 hours. This is to give the substance time to react and debris to melt.
  7. When you notice that all the stains and waste products have been removed, you can rinse it thoroughly with warm water.
  8. Let it dry out completely before using it again.

Why Is Hydrogen Peroxide The Best For Cleaning Silicon Bongs?

You may be wondering why you should use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean silicon bongs as opposed to other alternative cleansers. Let me enlighten you:

#1 Very Effective

Only ten minutes at room temperature will clean out all your bong surfaces till it is squeaky clean. It will also naturally sterilize it, getting rid of bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens. Using it will save you quite a bit of time and effort.

Regular use will ensure to keep your silicon bong in excellent condition to give you a smooth smoke each time! It has brilliant anti-microbial properties as well. It will overcome all residues of build-up gunk from resin and tar particulates.

#2 Non-Toxic

It is gentle and safe to use. Compared to other fancy cleansers, hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, so you do not have to worry about any harmful chemical release.

However, always make sure to follow the directions on the bottle and avoid mixing it with other cleansers and chemicals.

You can yield the best results when you use a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide and water.

#3 Cost Friendly

Hydrogen Peroxide is economical and readily available. When can you get a cleaning solution which is just as effective as a high-end product but at half the price, who would not want it?

You would likely already have it lying at home in your medicine cabinet for other household purposes.

#4 Excellent Oxidizing Characteristics

As a popular choice for cleaning silicon bongs, hydrogen peroxide’s primary mechanism of action is its oxidizing ability. When it is used in the proper prescribed method, it will remove mildew and mold as well as kill pretty much all pathogens.

It can be harmful if not used correctly. It can readily react with other chemicals due to its oxidizing properties. You have to make sure to keep it away from other cleansers, chemicals, and metals.

Tips For Cleaning Your Silicone Bong

You may be wondering how often to clean your silicone bong. If you are an avid user, it is best to clean it every couple of days.

If your usage is regular but not daily, you can probably go a week before thoroughly cleaning it.

If you only use it occasionally, it is best to clean it after a session or two. This is so that it would not sit dirty with the waste materials for too long. Otherwise, you will likely find a tar or resin build-up as well as leftover products from the smoked herbal substances.

Cleaning it properly is essential to remove the nasty odor as well as disinfect it for better health. Remove the harmless residue build-up before it gets a chance to turn into harmful bacteria.

Safety Precautions For Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Your Silicone Bong

Hydrogen peroxide is a standard household product used as a natural disinfectant and cleaning solution. Nonetheless, when you use it to clean your silicone bong, it is vital to take some safety measures.

  • Use it in a well-ventilated or airy room. Hydrogen peroxide tends to release harmful fumes when used in enclosed spaces without any odor. Even though this is done in small quantities, it is better to avoid inhaling any of the fumes.
  • You should always use the diluted hydrogen peroxide before using it. Additionally, wear some gloves to protect your skin. This will prevent any skin burns or even unwanted skin whitening.
  • Avoid using it under direct sunlight. There is a reason hydrogen peroxide only comes in light-resistant bottles or containers and why the manufacturers advise you to keep it in the dark. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes quickly when exposed to sunlight or even bright artificial light.
  • During or after cleaning your silicone bong, avoid placing it in sunlight as well. There might be residues of hydrogen peroxide, which will deteriorate over time. It might cause unwanted chemical wear and tear to your bong.

The Final Thoughts

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful cleaning agent ideal for cleaning your silicone bong.

However, you should always use the right concentration and follow safety precautions to prevent any potential accidents.

If any hydrogen peroxide gets onto your skin or internal body, immediately rinse it out with plenty of water and seek advice from your nearest health practitioner.

Indeed, using it will be highly beneficial to you for keeping your silicon bong clean and in its finest condition.

So, order your set today!

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