How to Remove Dry Erase Marker From the Clothes Easily?

How to Remove Dry Erase Marker From the Clothes Easily?

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Ever found yourself in a situation where your clothes contract tough marker stains? Dry erase marker stains are resistant because they settle well in the clothes, and dabbing with water just won’t work to clean them.

They require some special chemical agents to be removed from your clothes and allow them to look as good as new.

Let’s discuss those chemical agents now, shall we?

Agents like hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, OxiClean, etc., are useful chemicals that have the power to remove these stains. These chemicals have various properties that dissolve the organic components of the stains and oxidize the compounds of the stains.

They provide an efficient way to work on these stains and get rid of them.

So, are you ready to learn some more useful information? Keep reading!

Dry Erase Marker — Why Is It Hard To Remove From Clothes?

The dry erase marker ink is hydrophobic and insoluble in water compared to the wet erase marker ink. Therefore, dabbing it with water does not help remove it.

The dry erase marker contains organic pigments that attach to the fabric of the cloth. The longer these pigments stay attached to the fabric of your garments, the better they will settle in them. This makes it challenging to get them out.

But don’t worry, the road has not ended yet. We have some useful hacks to get these resistant stains out of your clothes in no time!

Top 5 Methods to Remove Dry Erase Marker From the Clothes Easily

Due to the special capabilities that each of these chemical agents possesses, they work on the stains through different mechanisms. We’re going to discuss all of them, and you won’t be missing out!

#1 Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Dry Erase Marker From the Clothes

Hydrogen peroxide is one useful chemical compound because of the amazing oxidizing powers that it possesses.

It exerts these oxidizing powers by forming OH radicals that work on destabilizing the bonds of the color-causing agents of the dry erase marker stains. Using this agent can really make all the difference!

What You Need

How To Use

1) Put your clothes in the washing machine like you normally do

2) Use your usual detergent for this wash and add it to the machine

3) Now add one cup of hydrogen peroxide to the bleach dispenser compartment of your machine

4) Start the washing machine and let it complete an entire cycle

5) Check to see if the stain is gone. If it isn’t, you can repeat the process.

Things To Consider

1) Hydrogen peroxide can bleach the actual color of some clothes if they are not colorfast, so before using it, apply it to only a small area of the cloth, and if it isn’t bleaching, then you’re good to go!

2) Please avoid exposure and contact with hydrogen peroxide, especially with your eyes and skin while using it. This agent can be irritative to them. If exposed, wash the area with cold water as soon as possible.

#2 Using Rubbing Alcohol And White Vinegar to Remove Dry Erase Marker From the Clothes

The dry erase markers have an alcohol base, and Rubbing Alcohol can quite easily dissolve it and remove it.

The acidity that white vinegar provides imparts the stains with a chemical charge, and they combine with molecules of water and dissolve in them.

Together both of these agents can dissolve the dry erase markers stains quite efficiently!

What You Need

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • White Vinegar
  • Paper Towels
  • Cotton
  • Bucket

How To Use

  1. The first step is to put some paper towels behind the stain in order to prevent it from eluding and ruining any other parts of the fabric
  2. Now dip a piece of cotton in rubbing alcohol
  3. Start by lightly dabbing on the stain and keep doing that till around 5 minutes
  4. The next step is to add some vinegar to a small bucket along with some warm water
  5. Soak the clothes in the vinegar and move it around 5-8 times
  6. Now let the clothes remain there for 15 minutes
  7. Take the clothes out and run them under cold water to remove any vinegar residues.
  8. Now dry the clothes and see if the stain is gone!

Things To Consider

1) It is advised to use rubbing alcohol along with the combination of vinegar because sometimes rubbing alcohol just doesn’t work on its own. Together, they can remove the stains in a better way

2) Avoid exposure to vinegar to your eyes or skin

#3 Using OxiClean to Remove Dry Erase Marker From the Clothes

OxiClean works to remove these stubborn stains very well because it also contains hydrogen peroxide as a component.

Oxiclean, also referred to as oxygen bleach, is less potent than chlorine bleach, but the best thing about this is that it doesn’t let the actual color fade away yet removes the stains from the clothes all the same.

What You Need

  • OxiClean
  • Bucket

How To Use

To remove the dry erase marker stains with Oxiclean, you would have to soak the clothes for a longer period of time because OxiClean takes its sweet time to work.

  1. In a bucket, add some OxiClean. It should be enough to soak in the clothes
  2. Allow the clothes to be soaked in for around 2-5 hours
  3. Now wash your clothes with the normal detergent
  4. Dry them out, and you should find the stain gone

Things To Consider

1) Let your clothes be soaked for as long the time as has been mentioned. Taking them out early on would not give effective results.

2) Avoid contact with or ingestion of Oxiclean.

#4 Using Toothpaste and Baking Soda to Remove Dry Erase Marker From the Clothes

Toothpaste and baking soda add together to make a great cleaning solution. Baking soda has amazing organic dissolving properties, and the toothpaste has an alkaline nature that works on the stains that have set in.

What You Need

  • Toothpaste
  • Baking Soda
  • Brush
  • Water

How To Use

1) Simply start by applying the toothpaste to the stain and let it sit in for around 5 minutes

2) Now add the baking soda on top of the toothpaste

3) This step is the most important one. You need to scrub the stain with the help of a brush

4) The toothpaste and baking soda should be allowed to sit in well and scrubbed thoroughly on the stain

5) Now run the stain under cold water until the toothpaste and baking soda is removed. You should find the stain underneath to be gone.

Things To Consider

1) If the stain isn’t scrubbed thoroughly, it won’t get removed. Remember that the pigments are stuck in the fabric really well, so you have to give it all in order to remove it

2) Scrub thoroughly but gently. If you scrub really hard, it might damage the clothes, and you would be worse off than what you started with.

#5 Using Hand Sanitizer to Remove Dry Erase Marker From the Clothes

Hand sanitizer has a major component of alcohol in it, and it helps remove alcohol-based stains such as the dry erase marker stains.

But the most important part about using a hand sanitizer to clean the stain is to apply it when the stain is fresh. If the stain is allowed to settle in, the hand sanitizer might not be enough to remove it.

What You Need

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cotton

How To Use

1) Apply hand sanitizer directly onto the stain

2) Use a piece of cotton to spread it in circular motions

3) Allow the hand sanitizer to sit in for around 15 minutes

4) Wash it off by running it under cold water

5) Check to see if the stain is gone

Things To Consider

1) Application of the hand sanitizer needs to be quick, and it should be spread evenly in all the parts of the stain in order to dissolve it all

2) If the application of sanitizer doesn’t work, reapplying it would probably be ineffective. You should move on to trying a different cleaning method for the stain then.

Does Dry Erase Marker Wash Out Of Fabric?

A dry-erase marker ink washes out of the fabric if a cleaning agent is used along with the water. Just dabbing water on the stain would be ineffective because the pigments are organic and hydrophobic and will not come off easily.

It is recommended that any of the above-mentioned cleaning methods should be used to remove the dry erase marker] stains from the fabric. Their dissolving and oxidizing properties help them restore your clothes to their original conditions.

How Do You Get Dry Erase Marker Out Of Clothes Without Rubbing Alcohol?

There are various methods to use to get the dry erase marker out of clothes without the application of rubbing alcohol.

These methods include the usage of other chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, OxiClean, baking soda, etc. These cleaning agents are non-alcohol-based, but they can remove these stains through different useful mechanisms.

Another method to remove the dry erase marker from clothes is using Murphy’s Oil Soap. Let’s learn more about it.

Murphy’s Oil Soap — Is It Any Good?

Any soap technically works through its hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts. The hydrophobic parts of the soap trap the dirt or stain particles, and the hydrophilic parts trap other hydrophilic parts of the said stains. Together, water and soap penetrate the fibers and dissolve the stains.

Murphy’s oil soap works in a similar manner. It is especially effective to clean dry erase marker stains from clothes. This miraculous cleaning agent restores the clothes to their original conditions by dissolving the dry erase marker stains effectively and efficiently.

What’s The Best Option For Me — The Final Verdict

The dry erase marker stains are extremely resistant, and the longer they are allowed to stay in the clothes, the harder it gets to remove them.

Therefore, you need to be quick on your feet and use any of the cleaning agents mentioned above to remove these stains. Still, if you were to choose the best agent that works the most efficiently and has a multifaceted usage, then you should opt for hydrogen peroxide.

The best cleaning agent for you to remove the dry erase marker is undoubtedly hydrogen peroxide.

This agent has oxidizing properties that impart amazing cleaning abilities, making it the best agent for you.

So, what are you waiting for then? Order your set now and remove the dry erase marker from your clothes easily!

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