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Why Farmers Consider Hydrogen Peroxide as Their Hero?

Hydrogen peroxide has a plethora of different uses and it has been used very effectively in agricultural applications as well. Farmers consider it to be a savior as it helps them in fighting against plant pathogens and improve crop yields. It has been used in aquaculture and animal husbandry as well. The farming industry owes a great depth of gratitude to hydrogen peroxide and its many uses have turned out to be a revelation for farmers that have been fighting against diseases that affect their livestock and their crops. The great thing about hydrogen peroxide is that it is all-natural and doesn’t have any chemicals or other additives that may affect the growth of crops or livestock.

With so many different uses of hydrogen peroxide, there can be no doubting that farm-grade hydrogen peroxide has been a savior for farmers all over the country. Here is how it has been used:

·        Livestock and poultry uses

Hydrogen peroxide is being used by farmers in the drinking water delivery system for poultry and livestock. It has led to lowering the risk of disease, reducing antibiotic use for animal livestock and has also increased the egg and milk production.

When it comes to poultry health, hydrogen peroxide was used by the ‘bird man of Alcatraz’ for healing sick and injured birds. A lot of poultry farmers also found that adding small amounts of hydrogen peroxide into the birds’ watering system resulted in reduced in-flock predation, increased egg production and healthier birds.

·        Healing diseased and damaged crops

Hydrogen peroxide is being used in the development of agriculture, as farmers have started to experiment by using it in foliar sprays on crops. This has led to improving the crop viability in its early stages of growth and reducing fundal diseases.

Hydrogen peroxide has also been used with great effect in fighting fungus that attacks banana trees. It was sprayed beneath the banana tree leaves and was applied straight to the affected plant areas. The practice is still being used in areas that grow bananas particularly in the Philippines.

·        Aquaculture

Aquaculture is among the fastest-growing industries when it comes to food production and has been that way for the past 30 years. Hydrogen Peroxide has also been used as a solution for parasite control. Salmon are affected by amoebic gill disease and sea lice – parasites that restrict growth and affect fish health. The best thing about hydrogen peroxide is that it is a simple molecule, which is basically water and an extra oxygen molecule.

Therefore, it is also called oxygenated water in different languages and is extremely environmentally friendly. It is present naturally in colostrum and breast milk, fresh fruit, rain water and the human body. That is why it is used as a cleaning agent and a disinfectant in aquaculture for removing amoeba parasites and sea lice from salmon and other fish.


So, there you have it! These are the many reasons why farmers consider hydrogen peroxide as their hero and why so many farmers insist on using hydrogen peroxide for their livestock and their crops.

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