Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Hydrogen Peroxide

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It seems as if everyone has wholesale hydrogen peroxide stored in their bathroom cabinet or their kitchen. You may want to do the same after learning about its important facts. Bulk-grade hydrogen peroxide is among the most versatile products you could have in your home. The great thing about it is that you can use it for cleaning, health and wellness, dental care, and for kitchens and bathrooms as well.

Is there anything that wholesale hydrogen peroxide can’t do? Well, first let’s check out the facts you didn’t know about hydrogen peroxide:

Use as a disinfectant

One of the best things about hydrogen peroxide is that it has microbial and bacterial killing properties. It decomposes into oxygen and water. This makes it safer for home use than other disinfectants like formaldehyde and chlorine.

Discovered in 1818

French chemist Louis Jacques Thénard is believed to have found hydrogen peroxide when he attempted to separate H2O2 from water but failed because there were trace impurities that made it decompose. Pure H2O2 was only found through vacuum distillation in 1894.

Naturally produced

Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced by white blood cells in the body for fighting infections and bacteria in the body.

Restoration of old paintings

One of H2O2’s initial uses was restoring old paintings. This was done by eliminating sulfur compounds from the surfaces of paintings.

Weapon of Bombardier Beetles

Hydrogen peroxide is used as a defensive weapon by the Bombardier beetle. These insects mix H2O2 with hydroquinone at high temperatures to create a spray that is fatal to all their enemies.

Pulp and paper bleaching

Around 60% of the total production of hydrogen peroxide in the world is used for the paper and pulp bleaching industry.

Solution for plants

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective as a weak solution for plants. It’s used for treating root rot and improve root development by decomposing and releasing oxygen.

Use in satellites

Hydrogen peroxide has also been used in satellites for altitude-controlled thrusters that are used to adjust the orientation of the satellite. It is safer to fuel and easier to throttle and handle before the launch of the satellite than other fuels.

Naturally occurring

Hydrogen peroxide is created naturally in the atmosphere when the ozone layer meets water. When unstable ozone meets water, the extra oxygen molecule separates from the trioxide and connects with the H2O. That creates carbon dioxide and hydrogen peroxide, and that is how you get small amounts of hydrogen peroxide in rain.

Reaction with esters

H2O2 reacts with some esters like Phenyl Oxalate ester and Cyalume for creating chemiluminescence, a compound common in glow sticks.

These are all the unknown facts most people don’t know about hydrogen peroxide. Next time you see wholesale hydrogen peroxide at home, keep in mind the journey and achievements made by this marvelous chemical.

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