How to Use Glass Dropper Bottles?

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Glass dropper bottles have risen in popularity due to their high utility and usage in various industries. Also known as Euro Rounds, they are extremely cost-efficient when selling products in bulk and are easily transportable.

These are just some of the things that make these glass dropper bottles so sought-after.

They are also recyclable which is a plus point for those looking to be eco-friendly. Now if you have some glass dropper bottles at home from used medication or maybe you bought some to try them out, how do you use them?

There are tons of different ways and purposes you can use these compact, durable bottles for. We will be listing some of those today to help you in utilizing these glass dropper bottles to their full potential. Stick around to learn about all the cool uses they have!

Glass Dropper Bottles Are Easy to Use!

If you have ever been prescribed eye drops, you will know that glass dropper bottles are extremely easy and simple to use. All you need to do is pull out the dropper, fill it up with the required amount of liquid, and press again to release the liquid!

This makes it usable for individuals of all ages. It is also safe as minute amounts are released every time the rubber is squeezed. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using glass dropper bottles.


There are several pros to using glass dropper bottles, some of them are:

  • They are made of durable material and do not break easily. This prevents spillage and wasting of the dropper bottle’s contents.
  • Small and compact. These glass dropper bottles are small in size and light in weight. They can easily be transported from one place to another without being a nuisance.
  • Easily washable. Washing them is extremely easy and can be done through a variety of methods. It does not take a lot of time or effort to wash them properly, and they can be reused again and again.
  • Simple dropper insertion and extraction. Pulling out the dropper is very easy. All you need to do is twist and tug a little to pull it out. Placing it back in is the same.
  • Variable sizes. These glass dropper bottles come in many sizes. You can get whatever size suits your needs best.


Where there are pros to an item, there are also cons. Let us see what they are:

  • They can be harmful if they are damaged. The glass can easily pierce the skin and lead to bleeding if not handled properly.
  • Not child-safe. Children may pour too much of the liquid or ingest it accidentally. That is why these glass dropper bottles need to be kept out of children’s reach, especially when containing substances harmful when ingested such as cosmetic products or medication.
  • Add to landfill. Although these glass dropper bottles are recyclable, they add to the landfill if not disposed of properly. Since it is made purely of glass, they are not bio-degradable and will remain there until recycled.

Top 5 Ways to Use Glass Dropper Bottles

The process of recycling is easier if the product is made up of only one type of element, for example, a  100% cotton t-shirt is easier to get recycled rather than a t-shirt made up of a mixture of cotton, polythene, and wool.

So because glass bottles are usually made up of only glass it’s easier to recycle them. Glass dropper bottles can also be reused in many industries and our households. We have explained a few ways to use glass dropper bottles.

#1 Store Essential Oils

Glass Dropper Bottles are perfect for storing essential oils because they have to be stored in a glass or aluminum bottle due to their high potency.

Dropper bottles usually come with a small bottle and a dropper so it is easy to dispense a small amount of oil. Dropper bottles are small and handy as oils are not needed in excessive amounts because very little is used at a time and they have a long shelf life if stored properly.

When it comes to storage the amber color glass bottles are the best color for storing essential oils as it reduces the oxidation of the oils, helping them to stay potent. If you don’t have any dark-colored glass bottles you can paint your bottles.

Use a spray paint machine for an even coat or if you are using a brush then try to apply even strokes on the surface. If you do not have paint the other option is to tape a piece of thick paper or a label around the bottles.

Essential oils are fit for use if they don’t get direct sunlight and opaque surfaces help the most in keeping the oils safe.

#2 Keep Spices and Sauces

To stay fresh and potent, spices are needed to be stored properly. One of the best ways to store spices is in a glass container. Spices often leave their aroma and color in plastic bottles making them unusable. But if they are stored in glass containers they stay fresh for a long time as they do not react with glass and lose their aroma and flavor.

You do not want to store spices for a long period because with time spices lose their flavors. In this case, glass dropper bottles can be really good spice containers as they hold enough spice to be used within a couple of months.

When it comes to plastic, glass bottles are easier to clean. Sauces usually have vegetables, fruits, spices, and oils in them.

All these ingredients can leave stain marks on plastic containers. Also, it is really hard to clean oil from a plastic container. But if you store your sauces in glass dropper bottles, they will be cleaned with a single wipe.

Dropper bottles come in various sizes so you can use the big ones to store sauces in your kitchen.

#3 Set up a Skincare Inventory

One of the major purposes of glass dropper bottles is to store liquid chemicals. They are used by doctors and pharmacists to store liquid medicines. Just as storing medicines, glass dropper bottles can be used to store lotions and serums.

You can easily label glass bottles and store homemade moisturizers. As we have mentioned before they are perfect for storing serums and essential oils. They can also hold capsules such as Vitamin E capsules which are essential for the rejuvenation of your skin.

You can also store herbal oils in dropper bottles as they are also used in small amounts and can be dispensed easily with the help of the dropper. Because herbal oils also have similar properties to essential oils, it is recommended to store them in glass bottles.

#4 Convert them Into Little Flower Vases

This idea is fun and crafty and can be easily done by kids. If you want your kids to do something other than playing video games on holidays, ask them to plant tiny flowers inside glass dropper bottles.

It could be a bonding exercise between you and your kids and along with the fun you can teach them about plants and flowers and their impact on the environment.

After cleaning the clear glass bottles fill them with some soil and plant flower seeds inside the soil. Keep them inside your house where they can get some sunlight. The kids can also sell these little flower vases. Just set up a stand outside your house, put some lights around it and it’s done.

#5 Create a Travel Kit

When you are traveling you have to keep your essentials by your side. But it is impossible to take all those big bottles of skin care products, shampoo, and conditioner every time you go out or when you stay over at a friend’s house. Those bottles are bulky and take too much space.

To avoid the hassle, you should fill your glass Dropper bottles beforehand. Just fill the clean bottles with your favorite shampoo, moisturizers, and essential oils. Label them and throw them in a waterproof pouch. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about yourself and can stay focused. And in case any spontaneous plans are made you are good to go.

What Is the Best Color of Glass Bottles for Essential Oils?

Essential oils are prone to sunlight and can oxidize and lose their therapeutic effect. Sunlight is a spectrum of many different light rays. It can be divided into two basic components, visible light, and invisible light.

Invisible light contains Ultraviolet (UV) rays which can oxidize essential oils. UV rays are those rays that you try to avoid by applying sunscreen because UV rays can also cause skin burn and skin cancer. To avoid sunlight to deteriorate essential oils they are usually stored in bright-colored bottles.

Green and amber are popular colors that are liked by consumers due to their aesthetic value. They prevent visible light from entering through the glass but are not good enough to stop invisible light.

A clear glass bottle is also used but it cannot stop both visible and invisible light hence causing the oils to deteriorate.

Cobolt is the best color that prevents both visible light and UV rays, hence, the most common choice of color.

How to Dispose of Glass Dropper Bottles After Use?

The best way to dispose of glass dropper bottles is to place them in a recycling bin. As these bottles are mono-material, meaning they are made entirely of glass, they can be easily recycled. It is a much better alternative to throwing them away as that will only add to landfill waste.

If you are done using your glass dropper bottles and are looking to dispose of them, here’s what you should do.

First, place all your extra glass dropper bottles into a container. This can be a plastic bag or large jar which can hold several of these glass dropper bottles. Once you have placed all the dropper bottles inside, close the opening and properly label it. The label should be clear enough for anyone handling the container to understand.

After you have labeled the container, go and place it in your community recycling bin to send it for recycling. Make sure you look at the label on the recycling bin as different bins are placed for different materials.

Also, be careful the container does not make contact with any hard surfaces along the way. This can cause the bottles to break and, if you are using a plastic bag, cut through the container.

This is the best and most environmentally-friendly way to dispose of your glass dropper bottles after use.

Safety Precautions to Observe When Using Glass Dropper Bottles

Glass is a breakable material and can get damaged if a certain amount of pressure or force is applied. To ensure your glass dropper bottles do not break, handle them gently and wash them with caution.

When you are using the bottles to store some liquid make sure that there are no cracks on the surface as it can cause leakage.

To make sure that the bottles are free from cracks, fill them up with some clean water and set them aside for a few minutes on a paper towel. If there is any leak, the leaking water will be absorbed by the towel.

The Bottom Line

Glass dropper bottles are extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Their multi-purpose utilization makes them an ideal candidate for recycling and reusing. If you have some spare ones at home, make sure to put them to good use as they have so many uses!

From putting several skincare items to making a unique mini garden, you can use glass dropper bottles for pretty much everything!

So, if you are interested and want to check out some quality glass dropper bottles, check us out here!

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