Making the Best All-Purpose Cleaner Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Making the Best All-Purpose Cleaner Using Hydrogen Peroxide

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3% hydrogen peroxide is the magic number for creating an all-purpose cleaner that works effectively for every surface, nook, and cranny.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hydrogen peroxide is an effective disinfectant when used on inanimate surfaces.

But why is it such a popular cleaner? This is because of its strong properties that greatly destroy every other bacteria and virus. To find out more about hydrogen peroxide and its properties, keep reading.

How to Make an All-Purpose Cleaner Using Hydrogen Peroxide?

Making an all-purpose cleaner using hydrogen peroxide doesn’t take much time. With the right instructions and ingredients, it can be made in no time. Using a hydrogen peroxide cleaner to clean surfaces is the best cleaning hack you could commit to, as it leaves your area squeaky clean.

What You Need

How to Make the Cleaner

To make the cleaner, first of all, you’ll have to assemble all the ingredients and materials required so that another way for effective application can quickly follow one step.

Get yourself a clear plastic spray bottle, 3% hydrogen peroxide, clean distilled water, lemon, a lemon squeezer, and essential oil if you want.

Once, all of these ingredients have been gathered, mix hydrogen peroxide with some water to dilute the solution. After finishing that, squeeze a few lemon drops into the diluted solution. To make things a bit fancy, you can go for an essential oil to make the cleaner smell good.

Next, mix all of this effectively, you can use a traditional spoon or a milk frother works great for such purposes, even though its usage might seem strange.

After doing all the adding and mixing, transfer this solution to a spray bottle and give it a final shake before application.

How to Store the Hydrogen Peroxide All-Purpose Cleaner?

Proper storage of a hydrogen peroxide all-purpose cleaner is extremely important.

First of all, it should be noted that the cleaner needs to be kept in a clean, dry space, surrounded by coolness. Also, make sure that the cleaner is kept in a place that doesn’t suffer extreme temperature fluctuations.

Sudden variations in the surrounding temperature can cause combustion or other hazardous reactions. Furthermore, a room with proper ventilation is preferred for storing an all-purpose hydrogen peroxide cleaner.

It’s recommended for almost all hydrogen peroxide cleaners be kept away from HVAC intake vents. Make sure the cleaner is stored in a high area and not on the floor.

How Long Does the Hydrogen Peroxide All-Purpose Cleaner Last?

The general answer to this question is that of 3 years. However, this time frame tends to be affected by various long-list factors.

If there has been no proper storage of the chemical, it may not last for less than a year. And if stored properly, it could stretch for a long time. Moreover, the 3-year time frame is generalized for unopened hydrogen peroxide.

The solution that is going to be made with lemon water is an open solution, and this one doesn’t seem to work for a long period. Therefore, as soon as hydrogen peroxide is opened and mixed in with the lemon water, it starts to break down, only applicable and effective for 1-6 months.

Why is Hydrogen Peroxide Best for Cleaning?

Hydrogen peroxide is made out of two effective components, water, and oxygen. When these two work together, they for sure create magic, and this oxidizing agent is considered to be the best one out there when it comes to getting rid of unwanted dirt and grime.

Let’s take a look at the various qualities possessed by this agent and why it is the best in town.

Top-Tier Disinfecting Properties

Hydrogen peroxide has one of the most effective disinfectant properties. Hence, it is also such a fantastic cleaner. It tends to fight against a range of microorganisms that include spores, fungi, and a list of other viruses.

In a 60-minute exposure time, a 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide tends to eliminate bacillus species, also known as spores. Hydrogen peroxide also acts as an antiviral against a virus called rhinovirus.

All the surface area bacteria found in a home can be easily and efficiently destroyed with the help of hydrogen peroxide. The higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the better it acts as a chemical sterilant.

Powerful Oxidizing Properties

Oxidizing property refers to the property of a substance that liberates oxygen or initiates an oxidation process. Due to this quality, hydrogen peroxide can be quickly caught on fire too and burn other surrounding materials too.

Due to the presence of extra oxygen within hydrogen peroxide, the effects of this chemical as a cleaner are far stronger than an average cleaner. Hydrogen peroxide is named to be the most powerful oxidizing agent, stronger than potassium permanganate, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide.

It is considered to be a universal oxidizing agent due to its reactive properties that make the cleaning job far quicker.

Safe and Easy to Use

Hydrogen peroxide is comparatively low-maintenance when it comes to its usage. The reason why it’s used as a commonly used cleaner is that it breaks down quickly and easily when it comes into contact with the air or water.

Moreover, it can be used on almost every surface, which includes a dishwasher, sink, counters, cutting boards, cookware, garbage can, toilet, glass surfaces, old porcelain, and even a pond.

Hydrogen peroxide is also deemed to be environmentally friendly. It’s a naturally occurring chemical that is formed by sunlight reacting to water. This chemical is produced by both plants and animal cells.

Safety Precautions

The safety precautions of hydrogen peroxide can be divided into two wide aspects, one of them is storage, and the second is usage precautions.

First, let’s take a look at the storage precautions that should be taken when it comes to hydrogen peroxide.

  • Installation of gas detectors within a room that stores hydrogen peroxide is a smart move. This is because hydrogen peroxide is already an odorless, and colorless substance.

And if in some unfortunate case, it gets released into the air, there would be no possible way of knowing whether it’s present within the surroundings or not. This is why it’s somewhat essential to install a gas detector.

  • Furthermore, hydrogen peroxide should be kept in a well-ventilated closed area. The recommended temperature is 2-8 deg C.

Now let’s take a look at the usage precautions of hydrogen peroxide

  • Hydrogen peroxide shouldn’t be used on facial acne. Hydrogen peroxide tends to have properties that further irritate acne.
  • It’s recommended to keep hydrogen peroxide away from fruits and food bleaching as there is a high risk of inhaling the chemical substance.
  • The container that has hydrogen peroxide in it needs to be cleaned thoroughly, getting every corner and crevice.

The Bottom Line

Hydrogen peroxide is essential when it comes to household chemicals. And with respect to cleaning, it has been declared that hydrogen peroxide comes at the top of all other cleaners.

To make yourself an all-purpose cleaner, all you need are some general ingredients and a trusty bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

So, order your set today!

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