7 Reasons Why You Should Take Hydrogen Peroxide Bath

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Hydrogen Peroxide Bath

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7 Reasons Why You Should Take Hydrogen Peroxide Bath

Are you tired of walking into Lush and getting those fancy bath bombs just because they make you feel cleaner than your average shower gel?

If yes, then I have just the right product for you. Well more like a chemical compound. A colorless, odorless, mixture that can be manipulated to customize your bath experience leaving you with 100 times cleaner feeling skin. Even doctors can vouch for that.

Hydrogen peroxide is actually proven to kill germs to such an extent that even our white blood cells produce this chemical compound to fight off any germs or foreign bodies that enter our bloodstream.

And the best part! You don’t have to drop a lot of $ just for a tiny, one-time, cleaner bath experience.

Hydrogen peroxide can bring amazing benefits to your skin when used in the right amount. You just need to be cautious to use the right kind with the right concentration to reap the amazing benefits this chemical compound brings to you.

So, let’s dive right in!

7 Amazing Benefits of A Hydrogen Peroxide Bath

It’s extremely important to be cautious and use it in the correct concentrations. For your baths, we highly recommend using 35% Hydrogen peroxide.

It’s not just great due to its anti-bacterial properties, but it actually does have a lot of skin benefits. Let’s take a quick peek at what those benefits are. 

#1 Boosts Skin Oxygenation

This is a really interesting fact actually. Oxygenation is extremely crucial to the body. It is actually believed to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.

This is because they thrive in Hypoxia (oxygen-less environment). If the body is getting more than enough oxygen in the bloodstream, then it has a prevention effect. This leads to the cancerous cells becoming dormant. Although not at a speed that can replace chemo or radiation therapy.

Hydrogen Peroxide chemical formula is, hydrogen peroxide contains 2 molecules of oxygen. That is twice the amount present in water. During a Hydrogen peroxide bath, the oxygen can absorb via your skin into the bloodstream and function as if you breathed in the oxygen.

You can use the normal 35% Hydrogen peroxide liquid in the bath or even use those Epsom bath salts with peroxide as an ingredient. The fragrance of the salts is an added bonus to your bath experience.

#2 Helps With Detoxification

Detoxification occurs naturally in our body to get rid of any unwanted bacteria or toxins in our system. The skin is the largest organ in our body. It is also one of the four filters in our body. One of the functions our skin does is filter out any toxins. That’s also why we sweat. Any toxins absorbed are emitted while we sweat.

Hydrogen peroxide baths provide oxygen therapy to our bodies. When peroxide is mixed with water, it chemically produces water and extra oxygen as a by-product.

Which then gets absorbed by the skin. Thus it increases the oxygen levels in our bloodstream, which actually helps by oxidizing the toxins.

In detoxification, this helps to purify the skin and get rid of any bacteria or germs that may cling to the skin while toxins are being emitted from the body.

Because of how strong peroxide is in nature, it’s recommended to introduce it slowly to your skin. Just to be cautious. You can start by adding a half cup to your bath till you build up the tolerance to 2 cups.

No more than 2 cups should ever be used as that will be harmful rather than beneficial.

#3 Ideal for Removing Pollutants from the Skin

Your skin is exposed to harmful chemicals and substances present in the environment. The pollutants, carbon emissions, or chemical compounds that if in excess can harm your skin causing allergic reactions, skin infections, etc.

Sometimes the skin gets cleaned when you shower using soap and water. However, there are times when you need to deep clean your skin to kill all the germs and bacteria.

This is when a hydrogen peroxide bath comes in handy. It helps your skin gets squeaky clean ensuring your skin is free from all the pollutants in our atmosphere.

It’s very easy to prepare a bath. Simply take;

  1. Epsom Salts (magnesium Sulphate) – 2 cups
  2. Baking soda- 1 cup 
  3. 35% Hydrogen peroxide- ⅓ Cup
  4. Essential Oil-  10 drops (Optional)

Put this mixture in hot water. As warm as you can bear. You might sweat during the bath, which actually helps with more toxins getting released from your body and skin.

The use of Epsom salts actually helps with any sore muscles, and essential oils can hydrate your skin. Overall giving you clean, pollutant-free, and moisturized skin

#4 Gets Rid of Bacteria

Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the most common ingredients you can find in your household cleaning products. This is because of its amazing anti-bacterial properties.

It leaves all the surfaces that it touches almost germ and bacteria-free. Considering what we just got out of in 2020 (hint: the dreadful pandemic), it is a necessity in most if not all households to ensure we are not harboring unnecessary germs.

Ideally, you can use a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in with any of your existing cleaners for a stronger more potent formula on top of the ones that already have the ingredient in the product.

This chemical does its job in under 5 minutes only. Amazing, right?

Not only for your floors, bathrooms, toilets, or kitchen surface, but peroxide can also help with unwanted bacteria in your mouth. This can also help in preventing gum diseases. Word of caution though, you should use it sparingly.

Because of its strong nature, it can react with some surfaces like marble. Hence why do your research properly before using such a potent chemical?

#5 Kills all Infection Causing Fungi

You can even use this instead of bleach to remove any molds from the nooks and crannies in your bathroom like that shower head or any stains or moldy areas in your bathtub. It will save you from those harmful bleach toxins for sure.

Skin reacts differently to microorganisms or fungi in the environment. Sometimes it can cause rashes or skin issues like acne or pimple etc.

These can be displeasing to look at and even highly irritating and itchy. Peroxide baths are an amazing source of disinfecting these areas of your body.

Not only does it cures the infected areas, but it also prevents any more fungus from attaching to your skin.

Due to its anti-fungal property, peroxide can help treat nail fungus. That issue in your nail that starts as a yellow spot and then spreads and cracks your nail, yeah, talking about that fungus.

You can use a foot soak or just take a simple bath drenched in the recommended 35% peroxide. Hydrogen peroxides attach themselves to the fungi in the nail and oxidize it, causing it to start healing.

#6 Removes Skin Mites

Skin mites, those tiny invisible devils, can sometimes cause an allergic reaction when it comes in contact with the skin. This makes the skin break out into itchy, red blotches. You would commonly know them as Scabies.

Scabies is highly contagious. So it is crucial to get them treated ASAP! It can spread through person-to-person contact or even sharing things that touched the infected skin.

Hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic properties, which prove beneficial to fight off allergic reactions, just like scabies. It oxidizes the skin mites that are causing scabies.

You can soak the infected skin by taking a bath with hydrogen peroxide added to the water. You can even use a cloth or cotton soaked in diluted hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the infected areas. Let it dry and rinse it out.

This remedy is applicable to those lice as well. Next time instead of ridiculing the mother of your child’s kindergarten friend whose stories of having lice are what you hear every day after school.

Slip her the advice to use peroxide baths to make it fun and get rid of the problem.

It’s one of the most effective home remedies to take care of your skin mite issue instead of visiting expensive dermatologists for consultations.

#7 Tones Your Hair

How many of us have tried bleaching our hair at home, but instead of a beautiful blonde it just turns out to be a brassy, orangey mess?

Hydrogen Peroxide is your literal solution. A toner is used post-bleaching to get rid of the yellowy undertones that happen when you are trying to lighten your hair. But they cost you a pretty penny.

Simply make one yourself at home. Mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and apply them to your hair for 15 minutes. That will help you fix the undertone.

If you want to naturally lighten your hair for a change, start taking those baths with hydrogen peroxide. Over time it would naturally lighten your hair. This is ideal for people who do not want their hair to suffer from the harsh effects due to bleach.

For more effective and fast results, use hydrogen peroxide with another lightning agent. By itself, peroxide dries out quickly before any chemical reaction can take place. This is why it’s recommended that you take longer peroxide baths if trying to lighten your hair.

How to Take a Hydrogen Peroxide Bath

There is no right or wrong when it comes to taking a bath. But there is something to be mindful of when trying to take a hydrogen peroxide bath. First of all, it is important to introduce peroxide slowly into the bath. You can increase the amount once your skin starts tolerating it.

It’s important to use the right concentration. We recommend 35% food-grade hydrogen. Why food grade, you ask? It’s basically an organic version of peroxide.

It has zero preservatives or stabilizers. So basically the closest thing to the actual hydrogen peroxide.

What You Need

For an ideal bath, you will need;

  • 2 cups of 35% Food grade hydrogen peroxide (you can start with ½ cup initially)
  • Essential Oils like lavender, rosemary, etc (Optional)
  • Epsom salt (Optional)
  • Hot water

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

  • Use hot water. As hot as your skin can tolerate as it gives the best result.
  • At least soak yourself for 20-30 minutes to notice the visible effects.
  • You will notice sweating, which is a way of internally cleansing your body.
  • Make sure you have a drink while you are taking a bath. Lemon water, juice, anything would do. As long as you have something to rehydrate yourself with. This avoids any dizziness. For the same reason, maybe have someone nearby while you are doing it for the first time.
  • After the bath, take a shower with lukewarm water to rinse your body of any remaining residue from the bath.

What Makes Hydrogen Peroxide an Excellent Bath Essential

  • Increases detoxification via oxygenation to get rid of toxins.
  • Essential oils help moisturize and calm the skin.
  • The hot bath relaxes the muscles and induces a night of better-quality sleep.
  • It lowers blood sugar and blood pressure and improves the overall circulatory system. This, in turn, improves the heartbeat.
  • Makes sure that your skin is clean and rid of any fungus, germs, or bacteria.
  • Kills germs causing body odor which leaves you feeling fresh for a long time.
  • Treats any itchiness or rashes you may have.

Oxidizing Properties

Hydrogen peroxide has a chemical formula that is extremely close to water. But it has one extra molecule of oxygen available. This makes peroxide have more oxidizing properties than your average water.

This comes in handy during the detoxification of the toxins from your skin. When mixed with water, a chemical reaction takes place in which peroxide actually turns to water.

Thai leaves an abundance of oxygen due to the extra oxygen molecules present. They easily get absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin.

These oxygen molecules then attach to different toxins in the bloodstream to oxidize or basically burn it from the bloodstream. In turn, make sure your body is internally clean for anything that can cause harm.

Antibacterial Properties

The reason why Hydrogen peroxide is so extremely popular in household cleaning products is due to its highly effective antibacterial properties. It can easily kill germs present on the floor, walls, kitchen, or bathrooms.

Due to this very reason, it is present in cleaners across the board. It has no strange smell or does not release any harmful chemicals. It is completely biodegradable, so causes no harm to the environment.

This makes it so much better than other cleaning agents like bleaches and acids. It is safe to use around humans, pets, plants, and even babies.

Antifungal Properties

It has extremely effective antifungal properties. Not only in humans but in plants as well.

Most of plant diseases are a result of different fungi. Hydrogen peroxide is an organic, non-chemical alternative to using insecticides that might be harmful to use in a household. It helps treat the fungal issues of the plant without any harmful side effects.

Similarly, it treats skin diseases, which are most of the time due to fungus. It can help prevent the reactions to not be blotchy, or itchy and even treat them so they do not spread.

It is a quick and effective home remedy, and hence why I would recommend you have it always available in your household.

What Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration Is Best for Taking a Bath?

Hydrogen peroxide comes in different concentrations. The most commonly used ones are 3% (for household cleaning) and 35% (ideally for baths).

1 cup of 35% hydrogen peroxide is actually equal to 7-12 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide. For a bath, you need a little bit of a more concentrated formula than your average household cleaning products, which is why the 35% one is highly recommended!

If you use the 3% one, not only will you run out of the bottle fairly quickly, which means buying more hydrogen peroxide, but you will also not be able to reap all the amazing benefits to its full extent. 

Safety Precautions

Although there are many benefits to taking a hydrogen peroxide bath, you must be careful. We cannot forget that it is a chemical that, if used in higher concentration, can cause adverse side effects.

Some of the things you need to be mindful of when using hydrogen peroxide are;

  • Introduce them slowly to check for any reactions.
  • Use the right concentration to avoid any harmful effects.
  • Avoid taking a bath at night as the extra oxygen might boost your energy, making it difficult to fall asleep.
  • It can cause dryness. This is why you should use it along with essential oil or moisturizer right after the bath.
  • Do not ingest hydrogen peroxide. In case it is accidentally ingested, never try to induce vomit. Drink plenty of water that you dilute it to the point it causes no issues.

The Bottom Line

Hydrogen peroxide is a readymade, home remedy for multiple concerns from the skin, hair, and nails to even plants. The ingredient itself has proven to be extremely beneficial if used with caution.

It has proven to be a household staple and is now a bath staple. With so many benefits, why would you not want to start your hydrogen peroxide bath journey today?

Get on to the bandwagon and introduce one of the most effective self-care remedies out there into your life.

So, order your set of hydrogen peroxide bottles today!

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